Jade Roper Weighs In On Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Of ‘BIP’

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Jade Roper is just like the rest of Bachelor Nation, just wanting two crazy kids to work it out. Those kids are Carly Waddell and Evan Bass who had a bit of an unconventional relationship on Bachelor in Paradise. Carly wasn’t into it, but then after a medical emergency and some soul searching she decided she couldn’t live without him.

The couple got married on television in front of their fellow beach dwellers. Fast forward and they had two kids together. They remained one of the franchise fans’ favorite couples. Now that they’ve announced they separated, fans are heartbroken along with them.

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Jade Roper Thinks They’re Figuring Things Out

Co-parenting their two children are what’s most important to Carly and Evan. The couple has given fans hope because they are hanging out together. They are spending time with their children. According to US Weekly, the couple took Charlie, who is seventeen months old, and Bella, who is three, to Tennessee for Mother’s Day. Jade Roper said, “I think they’re just trying to figure it out, you know, they’re just separated right now.

Jade said, “they’re not officially divorced and with children, I think it’s something that they want to, like, make sure that they exhaust all avenues before they give up on their relationship.” She said she feels like Carly is happy and just trying to figure it all out. A rep for Carly said she and Evan met to talk about co-parenting. They said they want to be civil and do what’s best for their kids.

She Just Wants Her Friend To Be Happy

Jade Roper said she just wants Carly to be happy. If getting back with Evan will make her happy then that’s what she wants for her.  Carly shared a lot about the breakdown of her marriage on her YouTube. Evan kept it a bit more private. He told fans when you engage with trolls they get dopamine from it, and then you get mad. “But I just want you guys to have some empathy,” he said.

Carly opened up to People about what she thought went wrong in their relationship. She said, ““We tried for a really long time to make it work,” she explained. “We focused a lot more on the kids than we focused on ourselves and ultimately I think that was probably our biggest downfall.” She wanted to look forward to her year. She said, “I’m focusing on the future and this is the last time I really want to talk about any of this because I don’t want to be sad anymore.”

Do you think Evan and Carly are heading towards a reunion or just keeping it friendly for the kids? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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