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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Like The Way The Winders Court

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Seeking Sister Wife fans know that the Winders are the only Mormon polygamists on the TLC show. Colton and Sophie share a son, Ephraim, while he shares a daughter, Sadie, with Tami. In the current season, they bring in Kimberley to see if she make a good third wife. However, with Colton, there’s way less focus on the man wanting to hop into bed with another woman like the rest of the cast. So, fans say that they like the way they do their courting.

Seeking Sister Wife fans saw Colton hesitant about another wife

TLC fans know that the coronavirus brought a long delay for Kimberley to visit them and see if she’d fit in the family. However, things changed. Recall, Sophie gave birth to Colton’s son Ephraim and he and Tami already have their daughter Sadie. Colton felt that the balance in the family might become upset with another wife at this stage. Certainly, the two women seem way more into the idea than their husband. Well, they planned it and went with it and Kimberley met with them.

Teaser: The Winders Disagree Over Third Wife On Next ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

On May 10, Seeking Sister Wife fans saw the family meet up with Kimberley. Actually, the hesitancy that Colton displayed might have originated with Sophie. In their blog, it talks about her taking the attitude that a new wife might cause the “family [to] fall out of balance.” As she pointed out, the man and the existing wives need to feel certain they want another wife. When they bring in a wife, they pray together and court with decency, not just rush off and leap into bed. In fact, they don’t even consider it dating as such, and prefer a formal courtship and a slow integration.

Courting and the Winder family

When Seeking Sister Wife fans saw Kimberley, they all met up but it ended up very much a girl’s day as Colton went to work. In their world, the Winders don’t rush into that sort of thing and rather wait until they know that commitment is real and sincere. That seems in direct contrast to the other TLC couples who clash continuously about being intimate with the new wives.

Talking about their courtship on Instagram, the Winders brought reactions from Seeking Sister Wife fans on May 13. Fans who went and re-read the old blog about courting commented on it. One of them wrote, “My favorite part is that Colton insists on the rules. Shows he’s much more concerned about taking care of the wives he has and he’s not all about chasing new ones.”

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Like The Way The Winders Court
Credit: The Winder Family | Instagram

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