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‘Temptation Island’ Erica Reveals Relationship Status With Kendal

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Temptation Island this season was very heated and full of drama. Especially between one key couple – Erica and Kendal.

Temptation Island Erica reveals relationship status

Erica and Kendal were one of the most toxic couples on Temptation Island – maybe of all time. They came in with no rules and it already seemed like they were ready to call it quits. They took the full time on the island though and Kendal had a lot of fun while he was there.

Erica made it clear at the final bonfire that she isn’t going to be going back to Kendal and he decided to leave the island with Alexcys.

Fans were skeptical though on if they would actually stay apart. She answered that question on her Instagram today when a fan asked her.

“Are you and Kendal still friends? And do you hate Alexis?” the fan writes in a question box.

Erica responds very professionally saying she and Kendal do not speak anymore. She says there is no reason for them to communicate.

“Kendal and I are cordial but don’t speak. There’s absolutely no reason for him and I to communicate anymore.”

So, looks like Erica held strong and did not go back to Kendal.

What about the other two?

After Kendal and Alexcys left the show together, they appeared on the reunion episode. There, Alexcys reveals that Kendal ended up ghosting her and they did not stay together. Alexcys did not seem happy about how he left things at all.

It sounds like Erica doesn’t know too much about that, but she does make it clear about her feelings for Alexcys.

“To be clear, I never hated Alexcys. I can’t be mad at her for things that Kendal allowed,” she tells the questioning fan.

It seems Erica has matured greatly from this whole situation. She even gave a great closing sentence. One you wouldn’t expect for an ex and the girl he cheated with.

“Wishing them both the best,” she writes on the Instagram story.

So, sounds like the Erica and Kendal era is really over once and for all. Thankfully, Erica was able to find confidence enough to leave her toxic relationship before it got any worse.

Are you glad Temptation Island Erica and Kendal broke up? Let us know what you think of the couple and their relationship status in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Temptation Island couples.

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