Todd & Julie Chrisley Talk About An Upcoming Milestone For Grayson

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Weekly, Todd and Julie Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best take to their podcast, Chrisley Confessions to give the latest scoop on what is going on with the family. This is especially beneficial to fans that don’t get to see their favorite reality television family on the television when there aren’t new episodes airing on USA Network. Not only do they keep fans informed about what is going on in their lives, but they respond to messages listeners leave for them on the podcast’s voicemail. Keep reading to find out how Todd and Julie Chrisley feel about Grayson driving. 

Chrisley Knows Best Todd and Julie Chrisley get nostalgic about Grayson driving soon

The talk of driving comes up in a roundabout way. Initially, Todd and Julie are discussing how she’s finally mastered their high-tech shower. Julie explains her humble beginnings and having a shower with wi-fi is not something she’s ever had before. 

Next, the couple goes on to give the example of how their cars have all these features, but they don’t use them. Julie shares that she knows how to drive it. Sometimes, someone will ride with her and ask her if she knows her car did this- and she doesn’t. Todd pokes fun and tell’s Julie that she knows how to tear up her car. She simply tells him, “I’m not going down that road with you.” 


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Their youngest son grew up and fans find it hard to believe

Then, the couple realizes that in just two short weeks, thier youngest son, Grayson, will be driving. Undoubtedly, this realization brings about some nostalgia because Todd points out that Grayson “was such a baby” when Chrisley Knows Best started. Well, he isn’t a baby anymore. Todd shares that he’s six feet tall and Julie interjects with he’s going to be driving. 

The couple goes on to talk about a YouTube video someone posted of Grayson. Todd and Julie agree that it is “so good”. The video shows Grayson from Season One until now. Furthermore, Julie proclaims it was “amazing to see him grow up before their eyes.” She goes on to share that people are often taken aback by Grayson in public because he isn’t a baby anymore. 


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Can you believe that Grayson Chrisley will be driving in two weeks? Share your favorite Grayson moment from Chrisley Knows Best in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley news. 

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