‘Extreme Sisters’ Anna & Lucy Have Surprisingly ‘Normal’ Answers To Q&A

Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy

TLC has done it again when it comes to strange, yet interesting reality television content with their latest show Extreme Sisters. This time it comes in the form of a show that follows along with sisters with very intense dynamics. One pair of sisters, Anna and Lucy, share the same boyfriendTV Shows Ace previously reports that this show seems like a weird combination of sMothered, I Love a Mama’s Boy and Sister Wives. 

Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy have some oddities about their relationship

Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy are from Sydney, Australia. Some oddities about these sisters include that they “finish each other’s sentences, speak the same words at the same time, and look alike.” That’s not even the worst of it, this pair even shares the same boyfriend.

TLC recently releases a Q&A video featuring Anna and Lucy. So, fans get to know even more about this extreme pair of sisters. Keep reading to find out more about Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy.

‘Extreme Sisters’ Teaser Reveals Anna & Lucy Who Share A Boyfriend

First off, the sisters are asked if they’ve always been super close. It is hard to tell the sisters apart. One of them responds with “they’ve always got along.” Not only that, “no matter what, they’re best friends.” However, that’s not to say that they don’t disagree. The speaking sister calls it “silly fights” and explains that they’re normally about clothes or what they’re doing for the day.

The sisters do everything together

Next, the other sister explains that it goes beyond being best friends. The two even go as far as making sure they take the same number of steps. They also go to the restroom together. Furthermore, their diet is the same. They even admit that they’re “always going to live like one person.”

After that, fans get to hear about what Anna and Lucy’s favorite thing to do together is. The pair loves to dance. Additionally, they love music. Undoubtedly, their boyfriend is a lucky man because the sisters love baking and cooking.

The duo goes on to share that they grew up in Perth, Western Australia. They marvel at the beauty of the homeland. However, Anna and Lucy have ambitions to travel. Surprisingly, if they could travel anywhere, they’d “love to go back to America.” They’ve already visited twice. Specifically, Anna and Lucy want to go to Las Vegas. Notably, they also love the United Kingdom.

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