Conditions Of Josh Duggar’s Release Amid Child Porn Charges

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On Wednesday, Josh Duggar had his detention hearing following his arrest for the possession of child porn. Now, he’s being released on bail.

During the hearing, new details of the content he possessed were released. The special agent on this case revealed just how bad the content was, stating that it was some of the worst he had seen in his experience. Some of the content Josh had downloaded included the sexual abuse of children as young as 18 months old.

Amid the hearing, Josh was laughing and smirking. Even though the topic of the case was very sensitive, he couldn’t seem to take it seriously. Despite the detailed reports of the content on his devices, the judge released him on bail. He will have a trial in July and may be charged then.

What are the conditions of Josh Duggar’s release?

There are some pretty specific and strict guidelines that Josh will have to abide by following his release on Thursday. @DuggarBates_Confessions shared the conditions.

The Instagram page notes the conditions as follows:

  • Has to go to third party.
  • He may not leace the house unless it’s for medical church court school or work. Or other approved as advanced.
  • Must report to supervision.
  • Must not possess or have erotica or porn of any kind.
  • He cannot have internet internet smart phones TVs tablet game systems etc.
  • May not have passwords of phones of third-party.
  • He may have a jitterbug phone approved by probation office.
  • May not travel outside of West Arkansas unless approved.
  • Josh can talk to his kids if Anna is present however he may not talk to any other children including his siblings and nieces and nephews.
  • He may not use drugs or alcohol.
  • He might not have firearms or they can’t be in the house.

On Thursday, prior to his release, he must sign an appearance bond.

It’s unclear whether there was a bail amount set for Josh’s release. He may have just been released on these conditions. If he doesn’t follow these conditions, he will be required to pay a fine and go to jail.

So, what are your thoughts about these conditions? Are you surprised that Josh Duggar was released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

This is an ongoing case, so more details will be available soon. Check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on the Duggar family regarding this case.

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