‘My 600-LB Life’ Tiffany Barker Stuns With Weight Loss Photos

My 600-LB Life Tiffany Barker from Youtube

My 600-LB Life has a huge following on TLC, so it’s no surprise fans look for updates from some of their favorite stars of the reality show. This time, fans are wondering what My 600-LB Life Tiffany Barker is up to. Turns out, she’s made some amazing changes.

Where is My 600-LB Life Tiffany Barker now?

Tiffany Barker was a member of Season 7 of My 600-LB Life. According to Looper, Tiffany is known for her tragic backstory. Her father verbally abused her which made her turn to food for comfort. At the start of the show, Tiffany was 673 pounds. Once the show ended, she had made it down to 415 pounds.

That is a huge jump, but there have been several stories where the cast members gain all that weight back. Not Tiffany though, in fact, she has kept the weight off and then some.

The changes she has made can be seen all over her Instagram and Tiktok, where she posts life updates and shows off her snatched selfies. Apparently, she ended up breaking up with her boyfriend from the show amongst other life improvements she has shared with her followers.

Of course, most noticeably is her amazing looks. The star has done a good job keeping up with her healthy eating habits. Because of this, she has ended up keeping the weight off. Her confidence beams through her Instagram posts.

Tiffany gets a haircut

Most recently, My 600-LB Life Tiffany Barker has shown off a new haircut she got. The star is rocking shorter hair and even more confidence in her Instagram post.

She captioned the photo with several hashtags “#shorthair #glasses #waves #love #lovetheskinyourein #livelaughlove #behappy #springvibes.”

Fans were sure to hype her up in the comments as they notice just how happy she looks with her new look.

  • “Look like a hard working woman who knows how to get alot of stuff done and still make the day beautiful,” one person comments.
  • “You look amazing, love the hair.”
  • “Beautiful!! Xx,” another writes.

Overall, it seems Tiffany is really doing well for herself. The time on the show must have been just what she needed to gain more confidence and live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, she can continue to stay on this track and be a good example for future people looking to lose weight.

Did you follow Tiffany’s journey on My 600-lb Life? Do you follow her on Instagram now? Let us know in the comments and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on your favorite TLC stars.

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