‘Return To Amish’ Lowell’s Serial Womanizing Blows Up

Return to Amish Lowell cheating

In a trailer, TLC UK releases for an upcoming episode of Return to Amish there is a lot of drama. The trailer seems innocent enough as Jeremiah Raber explains the way things happen when people leave the Amish or Mennonite communities. Jeremiah shares that they either find a church and are “all goody goody” or “they just go crazy.” As fans know, Jeremiah is speaking from experience. He even admits that when he “went English he got into a lot of problems.” A lot of problems seem to be the theme. Viewers learn that Lowell gets confronted about his womanizing ways. Keep reading to find out more about Lowell and cheating drama in the Amish community.

The beginning of the trailer begins with Lowell explaining his concerns about working for an English boss. Lowell, Shelly, and Dawn are about to embark on a tour selling donuts with Jeremiah and Carmela.  Lowell shares that all he knows about Jeremiah is that he yells a lot. From the looks of the flashbacks in the trailer, he cusses a lot too.

Lowell says goodbye to his girlfriend, Lisa

As the group prepares to go on the donut circuit, Lowell’s girlfriend, Lisa meets up with him. Lowell explains that she’s Amish and her dad is very controlling. Ultimately, “she did what she had to do” and according to Lowell “that’s love.” In a confessional segment of the show, Lisa expresses her concerns. She fears that Lowell will go English, but she feels like they’re meant to be together. However, it seems like their being together is dependent on Lowell not going English.

Next, Lowell explains that his leaving will be a “challenge to the relationship” but he doesn’t seem worried because they are “committed to making it work.” In parting, the couple exchanged “I love yous”.

Lisa learns about Lowell’s ex-girlfriends and his cheating

In the next segment, Shelly interjects herself into Lowell and Lisa’s relationship. Shelly, Lisa, and another young woman go on a walk. All the while, Shelly is asking Lisa questions about her relationship with Lowell. Interestingly enough, Shelly discloses in the confessional segment that she’s Lowell’s ex-girlfriend. Not only that, but Lisa was around when they were together.

However, it seems like Shelly isn’t ready to bury the hatchet. She explains that she feels like “Shelly should know about some stuff.”  Additionally, Shelly explains that Lowell is someone in the community that “goes around and tries to get all the girls.” At this time, filming returns to the three young ladies, and Annie shares that she’s also an ex-girlfriend of Lowell’s.

In the next confessional segment, Lowell shares that he’s told Lisa about the girls that he’s dated. However, he also confesses that he “may have fudged the numbers a little bit.”  Remarkably, Lisa doesn’t seem phased by this information. She explains that she and Lowell have been together a lot longer than their relationships. She tells the women that Lowell is “[her] rock and [her] world.” While Lisa is smiling ear to ear, the other women look like this conversation is making them feel uncomfortable.

Shelly had an ulterior motive

Next, the tables seem to turn as Shelly discloses the reason she and Lowell broke up is that he told her that he cheated on her. Later, viewers learn that he tells Shelly while she’s at a funeral. In a confessional segment, Shelly shares that she still has feelings for Lowell. Things get even more dramatic as Shelly confesses that she still loves Lowell.

Notably, Lisa handles this well. Her only concern is that Lowell doesn’t have feelings for Shelly. It’s hard to tell because when the cameras get back to Lowell, the first thing he talks about is how he’s pissed off that Shelly went behind his back. However, by the way, the two are bickering, it doesn’t seem like Lisa has anything to worry about.

What do you think about Lowell’s womanizing ways? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Return to Amish news.

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