Why Hasn’t Anna Duggar Left Josh?

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Since the news of Josh Duggar’s arrest broke, fans, critics, and many others have suggested Anna divorce him. The former 19 Kids & Counting star was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse content. So, the public is naturally worried about Anna’s safety, as well as the safety of their six kids. The couple recently announced that they will have their seventh child, a daughter, in the fall.

This isn’t the first time that Josh has been involved in something like this though. He molested his sisters and a babysitter when he was in his teens, but that only became public knowledge in 2015 after he had married Anna. Plus, he was using a site that helped married people find affairs and hooked up with a porn star at one point. Through it all, Anna has stayed with her husband.

A source spoke with The Sun and revealed that Anna is still supporting her husband after his latest incident. If that source is correct, it seems that Anna will continue to stay with him. Of course, he hasn’t been charged yet and pled not guilty, so we will have to see how things unfold.


Now, someone who was a part of the same homeschool organization and raised in a similar environment to the Duggars is opening up about why Anna might continue to stay with Josh.

Anna Duggar doesn’t feel she has the choice to leave.

In a Facebook post, Emily Elizabeth Anderson, who blogs on Thriving Forward, gave some insight into the way the Duggar family’s beliefs work.

“Why has Anna Duggar stayed? Because she been programmed to believe she doesn’t have the choice to leave. Why have the Duggar’s continued to whitewash Josh’s actions? Because they have been taught that what he did was “inappropriate” and “a mistake” but nonetheless redeemable by God. They have been taught to deal with Josh’s problems privately, within ATI churches, and we all know how horrible the church is at properly handling abuse. Anna Duggar does not need your condemnation right now. She does not need criticism for staying with Josh. She should not be told that she’s getting what she asked for because she choose to stay. She is a victim of a system designed to trap women. She needs our support. She needs our love. She needs brave people coming forward and telling her they will do whatever it takes to help her get out.”

You can read the full post from Thriving Forward here.

So, do you think this explains why Anna Duggar has stuck with Josh through it all? Do you think she will finally get a divorce this time? Let us know in the comments below.

For more updates on Josh and Anna Duggar, check back with TV Shows Ace. We are following this situation closely. A petition to cancel Counting On has been started.

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