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This May Explain Why Josh & Anna Duggar’s Assets Aren’t In His Name

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There’s another sign that Josh and Anna Duggar were aware of his arrest before it actually happened. Back in 2019, Josh’s car lot was raided, and now, action is being taken. It’s assumed that, in the meantime, the authorities were building a case. It looks like the Duggar family may have been preparing for the upcoming arrest and everything else to follow. A lot may have been going on behind the scenes.

As we previously reported, Josh and Anna recently dissolved their LLC for some unknown reason. Several other Duggars made changes to their LLCs and properties as well, and you can read more about those moves here.

Notably, everything is in Anna’s name. The Duggar family typically sees the husbands as the heads of the households. So, this is one reason why fans thought it was odd that Anna’s name is listed everywhere.

Why is Anna Duggar’s name on their assets instead of Josh’s?

The couple may have changed things up so Anna’s name is on their properties. This may have been done in preparation for Josh’s arrest. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball states:

“The four page indictment against Josh Duggar shows that if he is convicted he must forfeit any property used as a part of the crime. Guess we know why he sold the house & all the businesses are in Anna’s name.”

One section of the indictment reads, “Upon conviction of any Court of this Indictment, the defendant shall forfeit to the United States pursuant to 18 United States Code, Section 2253 the defendant’s interest in…” There are three different categories of items that may need to be surrendered. The document states:

“2. any property, real or personal, constituting or traceable to gross profits or other proceeds obtained from the offenses in the Indictment, and 3. any property, real or personal, including any and all computer equipment, used or intended to be used to commit or to promote the commission of the offenses in the Indictment, or any property traceable to such property.”

At this point, Josh hasn’t been convicted, so it’s unclear what will happen with the properties next.

Josh Duggar's Indictment, Page 2
Josh Duggar’s Indictment, Page 2

So, do you think this explains why Anna Duggar’s name is on everything instead of Josh’s? Do you think this was all planned ahead of time for this reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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