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Adam Busby Claims He Had A ‘Heck of A Week’ With Danielle Away

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Adam Busby really knows how to lay the guilt on Danielle, by the looks of it. She went away and spent time in Michigan with her besties last week. Actually, she went away for five days, the longest she left the kids and her husband alone. Now she’s back and seems happy that she feels recharged. However, Adam claims that he had a ‘heck of a week’ without his wife to help with the kids.

Adam Busby as Mr. Mom

When Danielle first shared about her break with friends, she seemed so excited. Fans agreed that it seemed very nice that Adam understands that she just needed some girl time. After all, she’s been stressed about her health. Additionally, they only recently wrapped up the filming for Season 8 of OutDaughtered.

The TLC mom shared some photos from her trip on her Instagram and revealed she met a cute little donkey out in a field. Plus, she shared a photo of herself with friends after they took a nice long ride on their bikes.

Danielle Busby Leaves Adam & Girls For This Adorable Little Guy

Adam Busby also shared stories and photos of himself while Danielle was away. We reported that one photo revealed that he took the kids out for crawfish. Usually, Danielle dislikes it as it’s messy and the kids get gumbo stains on their clothes. Anyway, the OutDaughtered dad seemed happy as fans noted none of the girls got covered in messy food.

Meanwhile, Danielle shared that she enjoyed tucking into some junk food with her besties. Other news that emerged from Instagram is that Danielle prepared the clothes the kids needed for school.

With Danielle away, her husband had a ‘heck of a week’

Adam Busby shared about taking some of the quints to the dentist. Additionally, in another post, Parker felt unwell at school, so he collected her. However, she seemed okay, so he took her out for a snack. Actually, it all looked pretty much like the usual things went down in the family. However, in the post about the dentist, Adam claimed. “Can’t wait for @dbusby to come home today! It’s been a heck of a week!”

Danielle praised her husband Adam Busby when she returned to Texas. On her Instagram stories, she shared a few clips and noted she arrived in time to go and fetch Blayke from school. She also said that her husband did a great job as a dad in her absence. In fact, she felt totally de-stressed after her heart health worries. She really missed the kids and couldn’t wait for the weekend with lots of kisses and cuddles with her girls.

Adam Busby Claims He Had A 'Heck of A Week' With Danielle Away 1
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram Stories

Hopefully, the OutDaughtered dad going on about his “heck of a week” didn’t make Danielle feel bad about going away. In fact, one of her friends said to Adam “Thanks for letting @dbusby come and holding down the fort🙌👏.”

Adam Busby Claims He Had A 'Heck of A Week' With Danielle Away 2
Credit: @admbuzz | Instagram

What are your thoughts about Adam Busby claiming he had a “heck of a week.” Do you think he makes Danielle feel guilty? Sound off in the comments below.

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