Fan Petition DEMANDS TLC Remove ALL TRACES Of Duggars

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Three strike rule? TLC viewers are fed up with all things Duggar and want the family GONE from the network. People are flooding TLC’s social media with calls to cancel Counting On. But a fan-created petition goes one step further – they want all traces of the Duggars removed. 

Josh Duggar Faces Serious Charges 

On Friday, April 30, reality star Josh Duggar was arraigned after his arrest the day before. While the charges weren’t read in court, the charges went public moments afterward. After Josh Duggar’s arrest on the 29th, speculation grew that the arrest was related to child pornography. 

That speculation turned out to be correct. Why did people think child pornography? For one, he was remanded without bond after his initial arrest. Secondly, the 19 Kids & Counting star admitted back in 2015 to molesting young girls as a teen. His victims included four of his sisters. 

He never faced any charges stemming from the molestation. However, TLC did cancel 19 Kids & Counting in response to Josh Duggar admitting to “inappropriate” behavior. But six months later, the Duggars – minus Josh – were back on TLC with Counting On.

Why Are Fans ENRAGED At TLC?

TLC’s social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, are getting FLOODED with negative comments. Viewers are trolling the network for not taking the 2015 scandal more seriously. 

In addition, their statement about Josh Duggar’s arrest didn’t go over well with fans. The statement tried to distance the network from the eldest Duggar son by claiming he hadn’t been on the show since 2015. While that’s true, his wife Anna Duggar does appear on Counting On and gets a pay check for it. 

And so, fans feel that while Josh Duggar isn’t technically on the show, he still reaps the benefits. 

Most of the comments left on TLC’s social media encourage the network to cancel Counting On. But a fan-led petition takes it one step further. 

Petition Demands TLC Remove Duggars Permanently 

Some fans feel it’s not enough for TLC to cancel Counting On. They want the Duggars removed from ALL platforms. In addition to the TLC channel, Counting On airs on the discovery+ streaming service, Hulu and other platforms. 

And fans want the Duggars GONE completely. “Enough is enough,” the petition proclaims.

Credit: petition
Credit: petition

So far, the petition only has around 350 signatures. Add your name here. 

Update: The petition has since gained almost 2000 signatures.

Update #2: 3K signatures and counting.

New Update: The petition has grown to over 15K signatures after disturbing details of the content allegedly found on his computer.

How do you think TLC should handle Josh Duggar’s arrest and charges? Is canceling Counting On enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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