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Speculation Over Josh Duggar’s Arrest Emerges

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Josh Duggar was arrested in Washington County, Arkansas on Thursday, April 29. There is no bail posted. No cause for his arrest has been publicly revealed yet, but there’s already plenty of speculation about it.

While the public waits for more details about Josh’s arrest, they are coming up with plenty of theories about what could have happened. These theories are going wild on social media, and they are being shared by fans and critics alike. These are simply theories about the situation. Nothing is official yet.

Josh will be in court on Friday, so more details about his arrest will come out soon.

Josh Duggar arrested: possible theories discussed

Over on Reddit, Duggar snarks are discussing some of the reasons Josh could have been arrested. Many users think it has to do with child porn. One user writes, “I think it is child porn. I think it may have started over something financial and they found it on a device.” As we previously noted, the car dealership Josh worked at was raided in 2019. Some people believe that, during that raid, the authorities found something else on his computers, which could explain why he’s getting in trouble now.

Another user chimes in, “I would absolutely believe this. Raid based on financials/tax dodging, looking for financial records, then finding child abuse material on his devices.”

Other users are hopeful that this is a “victimless” crime for the sake of those near Josh. Someone writes, “I’m betting it is from cars being used to smuggle something across state or international lines. Even reputable countries have trouble with that, as a cartel might smuggle things in and the legit don’t know. But this looks like someone was actually part of the chain.” Others think it could have tax evasion or money laundering.

On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball notes:

“Also, another arrest by Marshall’s in Arkansas in March, the man was arrested on no bond. No bail is only for the most serious crimes. S*x crimes against children, child s*xual abuse images and distribution & human trafficking would be examples.”

For now, fans, critics, and everyone else will have to wait for  more news about Josh’s arrest and the reason behind it.

So, why do you think Josh Duggar was arrested? Let us know in the comments below.

TV Shows Ace will continue to keep you up to date on Josh Duggar’s arrest as the story unfolds.

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