Riley Busby Wants a Pedicure – Can She Afford It?

OutDaughtered allowance

Since their birth, OutDaughtered fans get to witness major milestones for the quints. Most recently, fans get to see the girls learn how to ride a bike. Now, Adam and Danielle Busby are trying something new. TLC recently releases a trailer about them trying an allowance system. Keep reading to find out how things go when the Busby’s try implementing an allowance system with the quints.

OutDaughtered Adam and Danielle Busby implement an allowance system

At the beginning of the trailer, Danielle Busby discusses everything they’ve done to try and get the girls to do chores. Over the past couple of years, the Busbys try the sticker chart, the chore chart, the chore wheel, and ultimately, “nothing’s really worked,” shares Danielle.

At this point, Danielle proclaims that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” They think that they finally have a solution that will work. The OutDaughtered matriarch gathers the girls to talk about “chores and money.” Riley is quick to point out that her mom said money.

OutDaughtered parents, Adam and Danielle are sure that implementing an allowance for the quints will work because it works for Blayke. Not only that, they know that the quints are jealous of watching Blayke spend her money on toys.

The girls don’t seem to pay attention, but they catch more than you think

The conversation is off to a questionable start. Danielle tries to explain to them the similarities of the reward system the girls have a school and what they’re trying to implement at home. Hazel wastes no time in pointing out that Riley rolls her eyes during the conversation.

Next, Danielle tries to further intrigue the girls by showing them a quarter and a dollar. “I think an allowance will be good for the girls. It teaches them the meaning of a dollar and the value of the dollar, but also, you know, gives them an incentive to do their chores.” Danielle explains to the girls that the “more marks they get, the more money they get.”

At this point, the girls’ attention span seems to be wavering, but Danielle lists what the girls can do to earn marks. The list includes making their bed, putting dirty clothes up, listening, and using manners.

Riley seems to grasp the concept quickly. She says, “Maybe if I get money, I can get a pedicure.”  Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t disclose the worth of a mark. However, if Danielle is only showing the girls quarters and dollars, it might take Riley a while to save up for a pedicure.

What do you think about the Busby’s allowance idea? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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