Danielle Busby Leaves Adam & Girls For This Adorable Little Guy

Danielle Busby Leaves Adam From Instagram

Danielle Busby is leaving Adam for a new man. However, it might not be quite what it seems. Danielle made a new friend on her girls trip.

Danielle Busby Leaves Adam

Recently, Danielle shared on Instagram that she is going on a girls trip. She shared a few photos of her and her friends and wrote: “Just two besties going to meet their other bestie for some much needed girl time!”

It seems like the trip is going pretty well, and perhaps a bit interestingly. In fact it seems like on the trip Danielle leaves Adam for another man! Not to worry, the other guy is actually just a donkey. The OutDaughtered mom shared a photo of herself brushing a donkey on her Instagram.

She notes that this isn’t quite normal for her.

“Now ☝🏻THIS☝🏻 is a different kind of week for me ☺️ #farmlife #itsabuzzworld,” she writes in the caption.

Fans took to the comments to show their total support for the TLC star.

  • “I LOVE THIS FOR YOU,” someone writes
  • “I love you and your family so much,” another says
  • “He donkey is so cute, but cracking up at the winter gear! Us michiganders thought today was soo warm out! 😂,” someone else notes telling Danielle that for everyone else it was actually pretty warm. In the photo though, Danielle was dressed very warm.
  • “I’m from Michigan, hope you’re enjoying your time here. especially with the warm weather we had today!”
Danielle Busby Leaves Adam from Instagram
Danielle Busby | Instagram

Danielle’s health problems

Of course, aside from this trip, fans are worried about Danielle Busby’s health issues. On the new season, they show that Danielle is wearing a heart monitor due to her health. In fact, they’ve spent a lot of time focusing on her health this season so fans seem to be getting worried.

For now, all fans know is that she fears surgery because she doesn’t want to have her chest opened. That is totally an understandable fear. All fans can do is support her. It’s likely this is why she is going on her trip – she probably needs some time away after all of the stress she has been under lately.

Do you follow Danielle Busby on Instagram? Do you think she would ever leave Adam for real? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite reality TV stars.

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