Roger Howarth Bares All In Huge May Sweeps Return?

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It’s been almost two months since Roger Howarth’s character, Franco Baldwin, was killed on General Hospital. His corpse was barely cold before the soap confirmed that Howarth was still on contract. 

The sudser is keeping a tight lid on how they will bring the actor back. But the writers are promising fans that they won’t soon forget Roger Howarth’s return to the screen. What can fans expect? 

Roger Howarth Exits General Hospital…Kind Of 

General Hospital fans were shocked in early March when a confrontation between Franco Baldwin (Howarth) and Peter August (Wes Ramsey) turned deadly.

The network made an unusual choice to let Howarth speak to the press immediately about his exit from the show. 

Soap Opera Digest published an interview with the actor the same day Franco’s death scene aired. During the interview, Howarth assured fans that his exit from the soap was only temporary. In fact, he would be returning after a short break. 

However, he kept the identity of his new character under wraps. 

Is He Returning As One Life to Life Character Todd Manning? 

The mystery surrounding Roger Howarth’s return has soap fans talking. There has been a lot of speculation online about his return to Port Charles. ABC recently won a court case against Prospect Park over the rights to All My Children & One Life to Live characters. 

After OLTL was canceled by the network in 2011, several actors brought their characters to General Hospital. Roger Howarth’s Todd Manning and Michael Easton’s John McBain among them. However, Prospect Park sued and was awarded all rights to the characters. 

Howarth & Easton left General Hospital only to return shortly in new roles. Easton as Finn and Howarth eventually as Franco. 

The new court victory by ABC has fans wondering if Roger Howarth could bring Todd Manning back to General Hospital.

Other speculation includes Howarth as a Drew recast. There’s also a chance that Franco is somehow alive. 

Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out who Howarth will be playing. 

General Hospital Writers Tease Racy Return: Roger Howarth Will ‘Bare All’

November, February, May and July are monumental months for television ratings. The sweeps periods are when soaps bring out the big guns with shocking storylines and character returns. 

While ABC hasn’t commented, it is likely that Roger Howarth will return in May, during sweeps. The new issue of Soap Opera Digest includes an interview about Howarth’s return. The General Hospital writers tease that his return will be “memorable.” 

Journalist Michael Fairman shared a quote from the interview on his website Michael Fairman TV. The writers from GH promise that Howarth “will bare his face and perhaps more when he returns this May.”

What do you think that means? Are you looking forward to Roger Howarth’s return? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. 

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