Danielle Busby Shares More Photos Of Hazel – Is She Playing Favorites?

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Adam and Danielle Busby often share photos of their six daughters, but they seem to be sharing more photos of Hazel lately. Could the parents be playing favorites?

Danielle Busby posts several photos of Hazel

Over the weekend, Danielle posted more photos of Hazel than the rest of her daughters. The Graeson Bee Boutique Instagram page shared a photo of Hazel modeling a dress. Danielle owns Graeson Bee and often shares photos of her daughters modeling the clothes that are for sale. Of course, fans freaked out over how adorable Hazel is. 

On her main Instagram account, Danielle posted a photo of Hazel sitting in a basket. She’s surrounded by toys and has a huge smile on her face. In the caption of the photo, the mom writes, “Good morning Saturday 🌞 let’s all shine bright like this little cutie smile 😊”

Graeson Bee Instagram
Graeson Bee Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

On Saturday, Danielle also shared a photo of herself and a few of the girls running errands. Noticeably, Hazel is in this photo, along with Blayke and Parker.

Could it just be a coincidence?

On social media, Adam and Danielle both share lots of pictures and videos of their kids. Sometimes, the photos are of the whole family, while others feature just one or two of the girls. So, it seems like the parents just take pictures of whoever is interested in being in a shot.

When it comes to Danielle posting more photos of Hazel this weekend, it’s unclear why exactly this happened. OutDaughtered viewers know that Adam and Danielle love all of their kids equally and wouldn’t intentionally exclude anyone. Most fans can chalk this up to being an accident.

Perhaps Danielle had scheduled the posts on the boutique page weeks or months out. She could have added that post to her schedule weeks ago and had it post automatically. So, she may not have realized she was going to share two photos of Hazel around the same time and leave the other girls out. Or someone else might run the boutique’s Instagram page for her.

It seems like this was just an accident and Danielle will go back to sharing photos of all of her kids soon enough.

So, do you think Danielle Busby is playing favorites and choosing Hazel over her sisters? Or do you think it’s just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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