Adam & Danielle Busby Split Up Over The Weekend

Adam and Danielle Busby split up over the weekend. But, not in the way you think. In fact, the Busby parents often take this “divide and conquer” approach to watching their children. Turns out, this weekend was no exception.

Adam and Danielle Busby split up for part of the weekend

Adam Busby and Danielle split up the OutDaughtered kids on Saturday. Adam ended up taking the quints who opted out of ballet for their soccer practice. Actually, he seems just as enthusiastic as the quints. Meanwhile, Hazel, Parker, and Blayke, who all attended ballet lessons, went out with their mom.

Adam does soccer duties with the girls who opted out of ballet

TLC fans saw that in OutDaughtered, the quints went off to learn ballet. It came during the Christmas episode. After Danielle and the kids enjoyed watching ballet, some of them seemed keen on dancing. So, they went for lessons. However, Riley lost interest quite fast. Eventually, the twins, Ava and Oliva also decided it wasn’t for them. So that left Hazel and Parker who carried on. Big sister Blayke, now 10 years old also enjoyed her ballet lessons. Naturally, their mom often shared photos of her little ballerinas.

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Adam Busby seems to really enjoy being a “soccer dad.” And, Danielle has settled nicely into being a “dance mom.” So, for now, when Adam and Danielle Busby split up the kids, it naturally falls between the ballet kids and the non-ballet kids. We reported that on Saturday, Danielle took her ballerinas to Costco. Next, she said they planned on a pool party at a friend’s place. She also mentioned how perfect the weather is for swimming in Texas at the moment. After their soccer, it looks like the soccer-playing quints joined their mom at the pool party. Danielle said that Adam split to go to a festival with some of the other dads for some “guy time.”

Riley, Ava, and Oliva at the soccer practice

Adam Busby shared some clips on his Instagram Stories. He called out encouragement, and he high-fived his daughter Riley when they got the ball in the net. He even shouted out instructions just like any Little League dad. The quints ran around and obviously burned off a lot of energy playing soccer. Nevertheless, we’re sure they found more energy and also enjoyed the pool party with their mom.

After all the excitement of the soccer practice, Adam Busby split from Danielle and the girls to take it easy and relax during his “guy time.” The OutDaughtered parents get a lot of c0mpliments on the way they raise their children. Most love the way they split up the kids from time to time so they become their own individuals. Instead of lumping them all together, Adam and Danielle let the kids develop their own personalities. They realized long ago, that they can’t force all the kids to be exactly the same. In fact, they encourage their kids as they pursue their own interests.

Adam Busby & The Non-Ballet Quints Enjoy Soccer Practice
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram Stories

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