‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 Renewal Infuriates ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Fans

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News recently broke that Netflix renewed Ginny & Georgia for Season 2, but the renewal was not well received by fans of Julie and the Phantoms. Considering both series are Netflix Originals and there is some overlap in the target audience of the two shows… Many subscribers simply don’t understand what the hold-up with renewing Julie and the Phantoms for Season 2 might be.

In fact, the delay in confirmation of renewal for Season 2 has caused some fans of the show to fear the streaming giant might decide to cancel it. Those who have been following the wholesome musical, however, find Netflix canceling JATP to be extremely unlikely. After all, the series has a huge fan base.

Ginny & Georgia gets renewed by Netflix for Season 2

According to Elle, it was on Monday of this week that Netflix confirmed the renewal of Ginny & Georgia for Season 2. While it quickly became clear Julie and the Phantoms fans were not happy about this news… There are still many subscribers who enjoy the series. Naturally, those subscribers wanted to know more about Season 2. Moreover, they wanted to know if there was any timeline on a Netflix release date yet.

As those who caught all of Season 1 know, all hell broke loose by the end of the episode. Ginny wasn’t sure what she wanted. And, she wasn’t happy with what all she had learned about her mother. So, she snagged her younger brother and hit the road. Where was she going? Well, we aren’t really sure. But, we definitely understood the emotional breakdown.

Elle reveals Ginny & Georgia held the number one slot on Netflix for 27 days. This means the series tied with Tiger King in being the show to hold the #1 slot for the longest. Given these numbers, it isn’t too surprising Netflix would renew the wildly popular show.

Showrunner Debra J. Fisher and creator Sarah Lampert had this to say about the renewal of the series:

We are so appreciative of the incredible response and love you all have shown Ginny and Georgia. We’re especially grateful to Brianne and Toni, who set the highest bar every step of the way. We can’t wait to return to Wellsbury for Season 2.”

Most of the cast is expected to return for Season 2. But, it is too early for there to be much information on a release date.



Julie and the Phantoms fans are furious with this renewal

Interestingly enough, it has become a trend that Julie and the Phantoms fans lash out any time Netflix renews a Netflix Original. Fans of the series don’t understand why the streaming giant has yet to renew an equally popular series. So, they lash out in the comments of social media posts any time Netflix renews something. Unsurprisingly, this series was no exception you the outcry.

Some Julie and the Phantoms fans do have more of a level head about the lack of renewal. These fans note the new book comes out in August. And, they expect a renewal to happen then.


Are you surprised Julie and the Phantoms fans are upset about this renewal? Do you like Ginny & Georgia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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