Why Is Candace Cameron Bure Driving A U-Haul Truck?

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram]

Candace Cameron Bure shocked fans when she got behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck. This came after she admitted her marital problems during the coronavirus pandemic. Fans wondered if it was moving day for the Fuller House star or one of her family members.

It brought up a lot of questions about the former child star and what she was up to next. Earlier this week, Candace confused fans when she posted an interesting photo of her husband, Val Bure, on social media. He stood behind her shirtless while she was fully dressed. Some fans assumed he was hanging out in his birthday suit.

So, is the couple moving out of their house? Or, is it someone else? Read on to find out.

Candace Cameron Bure announced that it’s “moving day” for a member of the Bure family household

On Thursday, April 22, Candace Cameron Bure took to her Instagram Stories to document her experience with driving the U-Haul around. She announced that it was moving day for her daughter, Natasha Bure. She had to take on the role of mover and help her daughter move out of their family home. Little did she know, her 22-year-old daughter owns a lot of clothes.

Candace wrote in the first clip: “It’s moving day for Natasha and guess who’s driving the truck?” Then she panned the camera over to herself. Then, she revealed that they had to go to the gas station because her daughter rented a truck that had no gas in it. Despite that small setback, Candace had a big smile and kept a brave face throughout their move.

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
She also documented herself holding onto several items of clothing. She captioned one of the clips, “You get all these clothes off of me.” In the Instagram Story, she tagged her daughter Natasha. Candace also joked that her daughter should thank her for all the help she’s getting.

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
Mama Candace shared most of their shenanigans on her Instagram page. Natasha took to her own Instagram Story to share a photo of a group of U-Haul packages. Some were still open, while others were ready to go. She simply captioned the photo with the moving truck emoji, white heart emoji, and the party popper emoji.

Her kids moved in with her during the coronavirus pandemic

It looks like Natasha is the first kid who will be moving out of the Bure household. After their move, Candace Cameron Bure took to her Instagram feed to post a carousel of content. In the caption, she wrote: “It’s moving day 🚚 for @natashabure (again). Go to my stories for more real-life ridiculousness. *Celebrities… they’re just like us 🤣.”

Her fans and followers loved this rare Bure content. Candace’s post amassed over 109,000 likes. Her friend Josh McBride commented: “Our baby is growing up!!! 😢,” to which the Full House alum responded: “she only moved home because of the Pandemic. She back out again. 🤪

[Credit: Natasha Bure/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Natasha Bure/Instagram Stories]
In a previous interview with Yahoo Life, Candace admitted that “parenting never ends,” especially when there is a global pandemic. Last spring, her three children — daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maskim — moved back home with Candace and Val Bure. The family quarantined along with the rest of the country and cooked meals and played games together.

The Hallmark Channel star said that the pandemic also “put the spotlight on my own faults” and made her pay attention to her marriage. Overall, their marriage has gotten stronger because of it. Candace even exchanged her “strictest parent in town” title for one that reads “cool” mom. But there are times when she turns to her Bible study group or brother Kirk Cameron for “old-fashioned parenting advice” in an effort to “get back to the basics.”

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