Courtney Waldrop Shares Special Family History

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop is giving fans a look at her family’s past. In a new Instagram post, she opens up about her family history and what it means for their family today.

Courtney Waldrop talks about family history

On her Instagram page, Courtney shared a series of photos of her dad, known as Popsie, with his brother. Plus, she shared a few family photos.

In her post, she writes:

“Happy Birthday to my Daddy(AKA Popsie) and his Twin Brother who is in heaven now💙 I love these pictures of my Daddy and his twin brother…reminds me of Bridge and Wales💙💙 Between Eric and I we have a lot of twins in our family so I think it was just inevitable we would have twins ourselves but the sextuplets (twins x 3😝) was not ever expected!! Thank you Daddy for doing so much for us each and every day!! You are the best Popsie in the whole wide world💙 We love you💙”

Popsie is a fan-favorite on TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets. Fans are always thrilled to see him on the show. In the comments section of Courtney’s new post, fans are wishing Popsie a happy birthday. They’re also talking about how cool it is to hear about Courtney’s family and how it affected how she had multiples.

One fan writes, “He’s one of our favorite parts of the show! He’s very funny!😊” Plenty of other commenters agree and send their best wishes to Popsie on his special day.

Gods Divine Nine Instagram
Gods Divine Nine Instagram
Gods Divine Nine Instagram
Gods Divine Nine Instagram

Who are the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids?

Eric and Courtney share nine children. Their kids include:

  • Saylor, 12
  • Bridge, 9
  • Wales, 9
  • Tag, 3
  • Rivers, 3
  • Rawlings, 3
  • Rayne, 3
  • Layke, 3
  • Blu, 3

Fans don’t know how they do it. From the show, it looks like Courtney and Eric totally have it under control, but the show does feature some of the more chaotic moments in the family’s life. By now, Courtney and Eric have had a few years to adjust to having nine kids, so they’ve learned a few tricks to make it work. Nonetheless, fans are praising the parents for their rockstar strategies and being able to care for nine kids so well.

So, did you know about the history of Courtney Waldrop’s family? Do you think it’s interesting to learn about the multiples in the family? Let us know in the comments below.

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