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Andy Herren Doesn’t Hold Back On His Opinion Of Colton Underwood

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Andy Herren, the winner of Big Brother Season 15, has been very busy recently. Herren became the first openly gay winner on the show. Being a new dad has also been keeping him busy lately. He became the father of a hairless cat named Andy Jr. He bought the cat a wig and posts regular updates. Herren still has a little time to tweet about things that bother him. This week, it’s Colton Underwood.

The former Bachelor came out on Good Morning America as a gay man. He said the pandemic and writing his book allowed him to reflect a lot and come to terms with some things. There had been a lot of praise for him from his fellow Bachelor Nation crew and the media. Fans asked producers to bring Colton back to be the first gay Bachelor.

First, Andy posted on Twitter, “Colton Underwood is a manipulative, abusive stalker. He also follows Morgan Wallen on Instagram.” He went on to say he was also very boring. After that, he followed with a tweet to say, “let’s stop praising and giving opportunities to this idiot.” Ouch! Morgan Wallen is a Voice contestant who was in the press for using a racial slur.

What Response Did Andy Herren Get From His Comments?

People responded to Andy Herren on Twitter. One said, “His future boyfriends should be warned if they step out of line, because they may get a tracking device put on their car without their knowledge.” Colton’s ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph had a restraining order against him for this reason.

This is in response to Cassie Randolph’s claims Colton did just that. Another came to Colton’s defense because it’s difficult to do this in the spotlight. He said, ” I dunno about you, I did some real weird-a** things when I was in the closet just before it was time for me to come out?”

Andy also retweeted several things others said about the way Colton coming out had been handled by the franchise and the media. One said, “Tell me why Lil Nas X had to take it upon himself to single-handedly carve his path as a gay Black man in the spotlight and it’s the man who stalked and harassed women as props on his journey.”

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The Former Reality Star Finds All The Answers, So You Don’t Have To

Someone asked Andy Herren why he knows who Colton follows. They said, “he might not be the only stalker here.” Andy replied, “yes, it’s all I do. My only hobby. My crippling addiction.”

Andy clearly doesn’t think, Colton deserves all the praise he’s getting. Several have asked Netflix to cancel a show he’s releasing chronicling his journey of coming out. What do you think about Andy’s openness with his thoughts on the matter? Comment with your feelings down below.

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