Wait! What? TLC’s ‘OutDaughtered’ Is Done Filming???

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OutDaughtered mom, Danielle Busby takes to Instagram to share some news with fans. While it may be cause for concern, initially, OutDaughtered fans shouldn’t get to freaked out yet. Keep reading to find out what Danielle Busby has to say about wrapping up filming for OutDaughtered. 

TLC’s OutDaughtered is done filming… for now.

Danielle Busby takes to Instagram to share a photo of herself, Adam, and some film crew. At first glance, the caption can be concerning to OutDaughtered fans. Danielle writes, “That’s a wrap on filming the current season of #outdaughtered!” Luckily, she specifies “current” season and leaves the door open for the potential of a new season of OutDaughtered to come. 

Next, Danielle Busby shares her thoughts on wrapping up the current season of OutDaughtered. “Hope y’all enjoy watching this seasons [sic]…” pens the mother of six. Furthermore, she clarifies what exactly “a wrap on filming” means for new episodes to come. Danielle clarifies, “lots more episodes still coming out but this week marks the completion of filming for this season!”

Danielle goes on to give a shout-out to two members of the crew Bradly “Uncle Brad” Bogart and Alejandro “Fenice” Fenice. In the second picture of this post, fans see Danielle posing between the two crew members. Undoubtedly, with as much time as the production crew spends with the Busbys, it’s no surprise that they are close. 


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Fans react to Danielle Busby’s post about being done filming

What is surprising is that after just an hour of being posted, these photos have 353 comments from followers and counting. From the looks of it fans are anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new season. Not only that, but they truly seem to miss the Busbys when they’re on break. One fan writes a lengthy comment to express this. “I will always miss you guys when you’re on break! I appreciate you and truly love your family!” The same fan goes on to express their appreciation to the Busbys for sharing their lives with everyone. 

Also, it seems like there may be a fan movement calling for Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki spinoff show. Well, Uncle Dale specifically. A fan writes, “Uncle Dale needs a spin-off show.” Another fan responds with, “I’m sure it’s in the works.” Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki definitely have the personality to pull off their own reality television show. 

Do you think TLC will announce a new season for OutDaughtered soon? Would you watch an Uncle Dale spinoff show? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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