Tia Booth Spills Tea On Her Ex Colton Underwood

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Tia Booth didn’t come out right away with a statement about her ex Colton Underwood’s big news. Bachelor nation reacted slowly and showed support for the former lead of the show.

Trolls came after her for staying quiet when he came out on Good Morning America. Booth quickly put them in their place releasing a story along with all the tweets and Instagram messages she received. Booth kept it simple saying, “Colton knows how I feel. Love who you want to love.”

Tia Booth Is Her Own PR Team

Tia Booth wasn’t going to be reactionary to the trolls. Some of their comments. She said, “there’s my statement. I am my own PR team gtg bye.” Several fans immediately started to hit her up after the news broke, but she kept it cool. After her response, she went right back to posting her besties and her puppy.

According to Page Six one said, “one country bumpkin to another living in “the big city” get your pr people to approve a statement.” They went on to say this is prime content that people would be looking for. The comment seemed in very poor taste. Tia put the word, “ew,” over that comment. Others just said, “what do you think about Colton.”

Instagram, Tia Booth
Instagram, Tia Booth

The Bachelor In Paradise Star Is Leaving It There

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth were both on Bachelor in Paradise, but that’s not how they met. According to Screenrant, Colton felt pressured by producers to pursue Tia and rekindle their past relationship. He also said there was a promise with that plan, he could be The Bachelor.

In his book, ‘The First Time,’ Colton wrote there was a rumor going around when he was in high school about him being gay. He started to believe it. He said he thought, “the captain of the football team should be having sex and drinking, right?” In the book, he said he internalized those feelings, and he wasn’t really gay. He wrote it off, but writing the book allowed him to reflect on how he truly felt according to the Washington Post.

Tia and Colton had dated before he went on Becca Kufrin’s season, and she was her best friend. Becca sent Colton home after realizing there were still unresolved issues. He was visibly uncomfortable when Becca came onto his season of BIP to talk to the women and give them advice. After calling it off with Tia, he was announced as The Bachelor. It’s safe to say, Tia has moved on and is perfectly happy with her Colton-less life. What do you think of people trying to get Tia to respond and her being her own PR? Comment with your thoughts below.

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