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Do The ‘OutDaughtered’ Quints Have Different Friends?

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OutDaughtered mom, Danielle Busby is giving all the details on a recent Instagram Q&A. The mother of six took to Instagram to seemingly curb her boredom while she was waiting in the car for Parker and Hazel to get out of ballet class. Danielle asks, “How about a Q&A while I’m waiting in the car during ballet. What ya want to ask?” Fans don’t hesitate to ask the TLC mom questions. One of the questions inquires about the girls’ friends. Keep reading to find out if the quints have the same friends. 

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby shares about the quints friends

Over the years, OutDaughtered fans regularly see Blayke Busby and the quints interact with each other. Also, the Busby girls seem to spend a lot of time with their cousins. However, one inquiring fan wants to know, “do the girls all have the same friends?” Interestingly enough, the answer is no. Danielle shares, “They actually are all in different kindergarten classrooms, accept [sic] hazel and parker share. So they have each have their own ‘besties’ Which I love!!”

However, it’s likely that when the girls started going to daycare, that they all had the same friends. This is because, when they were little, all of the quints were in the same room. However, they probably start to develop different friendships when the daycare split the girls into different classrooms. 

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby quint friends
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The girls enjoy different activities

Now that the girls are older, not only are they in different classrooms at school, they’re in different extracurricular activities. While all the girls tried ballet at one point, it really stuck for Parker and Hazel. Danielle recently shares a picture of her tiny dancers on Instagram. She shares that ballet season is coming to an end. However, there are “just a few more weeks of dance before SUMMER BREAK,” writes the mom of six. Do you think Parker and Hazel will pick up another activity over the summer break?


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While Parker and Hazel are in dance, that leaves Olivia, Ava, and Riley to play soccer. Without a doubt, the girls make friends there that Parker and Hazel don’t have since they aren’t playing soccer. Danielle recently shares a photo of the trio in their soccer practice outfits and they look like they’re ready to tear up the field. Additionally, Danielle shares that playing soccer gives these girls something in common with their dad, Adam Busby. “Let’s see who takes after Daddy @adambuzz with their soccer skills,” pens Danielle in the caption. 


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For fans that watch the Busby quints grow up on OutDaughtered it isn’t a surprise that the girls have different friends. As fans know, the girls each have their own personality. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news. 

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