‘Below Deck Med’: Did Bugsy Change Her Mind About Captain Sandy?

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Below Deck Med star Christine “Bugsy” Drake used to be dedicated to Captain Sandy Yawn. She was ready to return to work on the luxury superyacht in Season 5. However, she found herself in the middle of the captain’s drama with former chief stew Hannah Ferrier. Shortly after Hannah’s firing, Bugsy had to step up to her new role.

On Monday, April 19, she made a virtual appearance on the Domenick Nati Show. She shared her thoughts on Hannah and Captain Sandy’s ongoing feud. While she is still #TeamSandy, Bugsy admitted that the sea captain micromanages her crew too much. Fans unaffectionally gave her the nickname “Captain Lurk” during Season 5.

Bugsy is still loyal to Captain Sandy

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Hannah and Sandy are in a war of words. Both ladies have turned to the media to share their thoughts about each other. Sandy did not like what Hannah said about her insulting the crew members. Below Deck Med star Bugsy feels that they are two different people who love to be in charge, which can cause friction.

She still keeps in touch with Sandy, while she’s no longer on speaking terms with Hannah. She also thinks that the former chief stew was rude to Sandy, but she feels they have two different work styles.

“And this is the industry that we’re in, you sometimes butt heads with the captain, sometimes you don’t,” Bugsy told Domenick Nati during the Instagram Live. “Sometimes you get on fantastically. And I think Sandy and Hannah, are just two completely different people. They don’t see eye to eye and they both like to be in charge of everything. So I think they kind of cross the lanes sometimes when working together instead of just sticking to own lanes.”

Bugsy admitted that she and Hannah rarely got along. The two first squared off on Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean. Bugsy revealed that she gets along with Sandy better. She went on to call her a “great leader” and a “great captain,” and she will always make time for her.

‘Below Deck Med’ star agrees Sandy micromanages too much

Though she’s still fiercely loyal to sandy, Bugsy feels that Sandy’s leadership style is “a little” bit too much at times. The Below Deck Med star feels that she and Sandy are very similar, which is probably why they get along better. However, Bugsy admitted that Sandy “micromanages a little bit too much.” When it comes to leading, there are things that even Bugsy “would kind of step away from.”

“But I think it’s just her passion for the job,” the reality star continued. “And she likes to make sure that the standard is high all the time on a yacht because people are paying a lot of money to be on these yachts.”

[Credit: Bugsy Drake/Instagram]
[Credit: Bugsy Drake/Instagram]
Bugsy doesn’t “fault” Sandy for being so into her job. She also defended the longtime Below Deck Mediterranean star, adding that “she does try and improve her crew and bring out the best of the best in them.” When it comes to constructive criticism, Bugsy would suggest that Sandy would “stick to the bridge a little bit more.” During Season 5, viewers criticized Sandy for being in everyone’s business.

Since then, Bugsy is working on her first-ever book, The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme. Dom asked Bugsy when Below Deck Med Season 6 will return and whether she will be part of the crew. While she avoided answering about her return, she teased that it “will be really exciting.” Dom asked again and she said that she is interested in another return to the Med, which could make she could return as chief stew for Season 6.

Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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