‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Go Crazy Slipping and Sliding In The Park

The Sextuplets

The sextuplets stay active as their mom, Courtney makes sure they never become bored and grumpy. This weekend, she took them to the playground where they had a blast. There, they thirstily sipped at their drinks and clearly enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets star thinks that playtime in a playground’s super-important.

The TLC Sextuplets burn off energy, work up a thirst in the playground

Courtney comes up with some great ideas that keep her busy babies happily engaged for hours. In February, the kids enjoyed playing on the beach. Well, not a real beach, but in the pile of builder’s sand in the yard. As Courtney said, “Pretty weather, sand, bare feet…what more could we ask for🙌🏻☀️🙌🏻.” When you’re a kid, there’s no need for the sea. After all, their wonderful imaginations fill in the blanks. So, the cute kids took their buckets and other plastic toys and made the most of a day in the warm weather.

The Sextuplets’ mom seems up to the challenge of raising all her kids. In fact, her husband, Eric thinks she’s the champion of moms. On Courtney’s birthday, he said that she’s not all selfish and devotes her time to the whole family with everything she’s got. Additionally, he called her a “champ.” Next, he described her as “the love of my life, my world, my everything.”

‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Eric Waldrop Praises Courtney As ‘Best Mommy’

The bigger boys don’t get left out of her attention, either. She takes the little kids along to watch their basketball and baseball games. This weekend, she took the littles to a playground.

‘Always make time for the playground

The Sextuplets mom posted six photos of the kids in the playground. They seemed really happy with the slides and the climbing nets. Obviously, they all burned off a lot of energy as several of the photos revealed them swallowing their drinks with gusto. In her caption, The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom said, “you should always make time for the playground! 🏀”

Actually, playground time is very important for kids. With the coronavirus around, it’s not a good idea if the place becomes too crowded. However, Courtney Waldrop’s kids always have the company of their siblings. The Sextuplets might be more than a handful, but they never get lonely.

Actually, the TLC star’s advice about taking kids to the playground’s one activity that Little Tykes Commercial recommends. Their website notes that when kids play together, they develop skills like “coordination,” “motor skills,” and “cognitive abilities.”

No doubt, after loads of fun in the playground, the Sextuplets were all tuckered out by the time they went home. Hopefully, Courtney got them off to bed early so she could enjoy a quiet time with her husband and her older sons.  Do you remember the fun of the playground when you were a kid? Sound off in the comments below.

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