Is ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Still With Kody? Here’s What We Know

Sister Wives Christine Brown with Kody

All of the marital drama between Sister Wives Kody and Meri Brown has been at the forefront for years. However, towards the end of Season 15, it becomes apparent that Christine Brown isn’t happy with her relationship with Kody either. Shockingly, she is very open about it during filming for the show. Keep reading to find out if Christine Brown is still with Kody.

Fans wonder if Sister Wives Christine Brown and Kody are still together

There are a lot of indicators that fans can use to assume that Christine Brown isn’t with Kody anymore. For starters, in the clips for the Sister Wives Season 15 finale, Christine talks about moving back to Utah. Not only that, but she also tells Meri that she doesn’t want to “do marriage with Kody anymore.”

Seemingly, this just confirms what fans suspect all along. Fans don’t think Christine Brown is cut out for plural marriage. Many of the fans take to social media to cite Christine’s jealousy issues for not being cut out for plural marriage. After that, she shares in an interview with US Weekly why she doesn’t think she’s cut out for a monogamous relationship. “I felt, like, it would cramp my style a lot because I’ve never had that as soon as Kody and I married,” shares Christine. She also goes on to say, “I was the third wife. And so, I really like the independence that I have and I love the freedom that I have.”

Some reasons that cause fans to wonder

Another reason, fans begin to wonder if Christine Brown is still with Kody is because, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she very clearly chooses her children over her husband. Christine shares that she “had to make sure her kids were okay.” She goes on to finalize that decision by saying, “I just had to choose my kids.” She even says, “Kody will be fine. He’s a big boy. He’s alright.” Ultimately, Christine reiterates that “It’s just important for me to spend time with my kids too.”

Finally, a reason in fans’ eyes that Christine Brown may not be with Kody anymore is because takes to Instagram to announce she’s selling a multi-level marketing cosmetic line, Younique. To some fans, this is particularly concerning because she already sells clothes for Lularoe.

What we know about Kody and his third wife

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer about whether or not Christine Brown is still with Kody. A month ago, Christine takes to Instagram to share about snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona. At the same time, Janelle also shares snow photos from Flagstaff.


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Additionally, there are more assumptions that can be made about whether or not Christine and Kody are still together. Recently, Christine goes back to Utah to visit her new granddaughter in Utah. After a few days, she takes to Instagram to say she’s “glad to be home.” So it’s clear that she’s not living in Utah, or at least not close enough to Mykelti to see Avalon regularly.


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Do you think Christine Brown and Kody are still together? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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