Is The ‘Sister Wives’ Bunch Moving AGAIN? What’s Changed?

Sister Wives Christine Brown Moving to Utah

It’s no secret that the women of Sister Wives have different views about the future of the Coyote Pass property. Whether or not to live in one home again has been a point of contention for Season 15 of the show. Additionally, in recent teasers for the show, it is no secret that Christine Brown wants to go back to Utah. That’s probably even more so the case with the recent birth of her granddaughter, Avalon Padron. Is the whole Sister Wives family in discussions about moving again? Christine Brown makes it seem like moving to Utah is a real possibility Keep reading to find if Sister Wives are moving again.

Is the Sister Wives family gearing up for another drastic move?

In a new clip ahead of the Season 15 finale, fans get some insight into why moving back to Utah might be a possibility for the Browns. The clip begins with Christine Brown sharing her thoughts on moving back to Utah. “When I heard about the law, immediately I thought, well, if the law passes, why wouldn’t we move back to Utah?” Christine goes on to share that she wants to talk to Kody about it.

The next part of the clip shows a portion of the couple’s conversation. According to Christine’s recollection, she was in love with the Coyote Pass property. However, she remembers saying she’d move to Flagstaff, “unless the laws in Utah changed.” At first glance, Kody does not look happy about where this conversation is going.


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Christine Brown repeats her desire to move back to Utah

At this point, Christine points out that “the laws have changed.” She then inquires, “Does that mean anything?” Seemingly without hesitation, Kody says, “Not to me.” Christine seeks clarification that Kody wouldn’t move back. He shares that there were four homes in St. George that shared a backyard that he was “ready to put an offer on.” According to Kody, “everybody killed that.” In Kody’s recollection of previous Utah conversations, Christine was the “most adamant and dramatic” that they weren’t going to move back to Utah.

Next, the conversation takes a turn. Kody brings up that he thought that the four wives were in such disagreement about going to Utah for the sake of their children’s “social safety.” However, Christine feels like things have changed in Utah and still wants to go back. Christine explains that the law is what made things in Utah scary. “The fear that I was raised with is what I didn’t want to perpetuate with my children,” explains Christine.

Do you think there are any other Sister Wives that feel this way? Do you think the Sister Wives bunch is going to make another drastic move? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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