Did ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Fall For A New Pyramid Scheme?

Sister Wives Christine Brown Younique

Over the course of 15 Season, Sister Wives fans notice that the wives are always selling something or another. Everytime, this gets fans talking about whether or not the Brown family is experiencing financial troubles. Notably, Meri Brown has seemingly had success with Lularoe. Third wife, Christine Brown also sells Lularoe. Keep reading to find out more about Christine Brown and her new Younique makeup business.

Sister Wives Christine Brown takes on a new multi-level marketing business

Multi-level marketing businesses are nothing new to Sister Wives Christine Brown. She and Meri seem to have done well with Lularoe. However, for Christine, it wasn’t without controversy. At one point, TV Shows Ace reports that Christine caught some heat for trying to sell Robyn’s jewelry line at a discount during her live shows for her Lularoe.

Now, it seems that Christine moves on to the makeup and skincare line offered by Younique. She takes to Instagram with a bare-faced selfie to explain her latest endeavor. “I like a fresh feel to my makeup and I like to look as natural as possible most days,” shares Christine.

The pitch comes next. “Younique Touch Spray Foundation is PERFECT for me. Get more information, join my team and order with this link: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/ChristineBrownsw/business/kit#.YHmksiVHYlR,” writes Christine.


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Fans react to Kody’s third wife selling Younique

Notably, for some followers, this makeup selection answers some questions for them. One comment on this post reads, “Oh no!!! This is the worst product!! It’s doing you [no] favors!! Explains a lot of questions I’ve had lately about [your] make style??”

‘Sister Wives’: Fans Are Worried About New Christine Brown Pic

Let’s just say, Christine’s Instagram followers aren’t impressed with her new business endeavor. From the beginning of the comments, followers share their disdain for MLM and Younique. One commenter goes as far to say, “Younique isn’t a good brand. It’s not good for the body and the nature.” Ultimately, this comment leads to a 20 comment back and forth between followers about the brand.

When the comments are about MLM, they’re discussing how sad Christine looks in recent episodes of Sister Wives. One brazen comment reads as follows. ‘These poor women always trying to sell something to support there [sic] husband, he should get a job [and] support them,” writes a follower.

Are you surprised to learn that Sister Wives Christine Brown is selling Younique makeup? Would you buy makeup from her or are you interested in joining her team? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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