Meri Brown Hangs With Her Sisters, Ponders Bonnie’s Death

Meri Brown Lost her mom Bonnie

Meri Brown goes through a period of terrible grief as her mom died very suddenly. Sadly, it happened just 17 days after her 76th birthday. Details never came out. However, from the way Meri talks now, it seems she died a natural if unexpected death. Meri has now lost both of her parents. However, her surviving siblings also grieve for their mom. So, the Sister Wives star hangs with them and they explore their emotions together.

Meri Brown struggles with the passing of her mom, Bonnie – orphaned at 50

One week after her mom passed away, Kody’s very sad wife told her Instagram followers that she somehow lived through “Seven days of hell,” we reported. She talked about her “unimaginable pain,” and “chaos and confusion.” Additionally, she seemed shocked that her body could contain so many tears. Literally, she wondered how she can navigate her life without her mom Bonnie. Of course, coping with a mom alive one day and buried within days brought a lot of pain and grief.

‘Sister Wives’ Meri Reflects On The Week Since Her Mom’s Passing

Three weeks on, Meri Brown still struggles with acceptance. However, she took to Instagram and told her followers she finds support from her sisters. In her April 16 post, she said that her mom and dad passed, leaving her “orphaned at 50.” Nevertheless, they left a large family legacy behind them. So, she and her sisters hang together. They chat about Bonnie and laugh and cry. For the Sister Wives star, she hopes she finds some “healing” during the process. However, she still feels so lost without her mom.

How long does healing from a death take?

Meri Brown isn’t alone in coping with the sudden death of a loved one. Web MD notes that grief returns sometimes years after they pass away. All it takes is a song or a photo to bring it all back. One of the stages of grieving that the website talks about includes “bargaining.” It comes when people “dwell on what you could’ve done to prevent the loss.” Part of that comes through with the TLC star. She said that she and her sisters talk about why it “happened.” Elaborating, she explained that they “start seeing the little things that had been going on.” So, they wonder if it was some sort of “unknown preparation of the end getting near.”

The website also explains that eventually, people like Meri Brown start finding “acceptance.” Only at that stage, will people feel strong enough to “start moving forward” again. Well, Meri certainly tries. In the evening, she went back to her Fridays with Friends podcast. Obviously sad, she still tried acting like the happier Meri that TLC fans know. Nevertheless, as she navigates through this difficult time, it is all about healing and there’s really no time limit on that.

Meri Brown Hangs With Her Sisters, Ponders Bonnie's Death
Credit: Meri Brown | Instagram

Are you glad that Meri still has sisters she can talk to about their mutual loss? Hopefully, sharing those memories and pondering Bonnie together helps Meri Brown on her journey to acceptance of her mom’s death.

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