‘Deadliest Catch’ Keith Colburn Shares Scary COVID Story

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COVID restrictions have made fishing a challenge on the Deadliest Catch. But, what if you get it? Captain Keith Colburn recently shared that he has been dealing with COVID, and he says that it is real.

Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Deals With Covid

On Friday, Deadliest Catch F/V Wizard captain, Keith Coburn went to social media to share some serious news. He has been hospitalized for over one week with serious COVID, and COVID-related pneumonia. He is doing his own PSA to encourage fans of the Discovery show to get their vaccine.

In a Twitter post that had the caption, “COVID is real. I’m sharing my story in the hopes that it may help you take actions to steer clear of this virus. #COVID19 #Vaccine #onthemend #COVIDPneumonia #day8 #BeSafe #deadliestcatch @Discovery @DeadliestCatch”

In the video, Colburn says, “I’m on day 8 in the hospital. I had done a 10-day quarantine, without any kind of medication, in a foreign country. So, I am working on 19-20 days now that I’ve had Covid.”

He then continued. “I am over the Covid. I believe I’ve got the antibodies now, in my system naturally. But, I am battling the remnants of pneumonia.”

Captain Keith’s voice then strengthened as he declared, “All I can say is this: Covid is real!”

Next, Captain Keith dished out some advice. “Get the vaccine!” Then added, “It is better than spending 20 days of your life in a hospital and barely been able to breathe.”

Lastly, Keith thanked fans and signed off. He did not share many more details. However, he was hooked up to air and although he showed his usual Captain Keith vigor, it is clear he has been battling. Hard. Moreover, this is a guy who works the deadliest job in the world, but the coronavirus pandemic knocked him down.

Deadliest Catch Captains Share PSA On Mask Wearing

Back in February, Deadliest Catch Captains Josh Harris and Sig Hansen starred in a new mask PSA. This was in cooperation between the CDC and Discovery. Both Captains asked people to “mask up” and practice social distancing.

Captain Sig said, “We have one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet — but right now, it’s dangerous everywhere.”

In addition, the fleets had to all be very careful about Covid. For example, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine for the entire fleet. If they ever should leave their crab boats, everyone must wear masks. Otherwise, there are hefty fines for anyone not following these rules.

However, despite these cautions, Captain Keith was severely struck down with Covid-19.

When Does New Season Start?

The Deadliest Catch Season 17 premieres on Tuesday, April 20, on Discovery. If you cannot wait, catch the premiere episode on discovery+, the new streaming channel. Fans can watch the episode commercial-free.

Covid plays a huge part of the new season. One of the biggest issues is that the crab survey conducted during the summer by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game didn’t happen because of C0VID-19. Discovery explained that “The captains will be fishing blind with no charts or guidance on where to find crab on the grounds—making an already challenging season even more difficult.”

Deadliest Catch will air on April 20 on the Discovery Channel, on Tuesdays at 10 PM. Meanwhile, discovery+ viewers will get episodes one week early. It is currently streaming commercial-free.

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