Witney Carson Posts Inspiring Progression Video Of Her Postpartum Body

Witney Carson from Instagram

If you follow Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson on social media, you probably noticed a few things. For starters, she became a new mom in January. She loves exploring motherhood, but can also be a little self-conscious about her appearance, as we all tend to be from time to time. That’s why Witney hopes to inspire moms everywhere by accepting her postpartum body and documenting her progression as she tries to get back into shape.

ABC renewed Dancing With The Stars for Season 30 and Witney really wants to come back. And that means training starts now. Since Witney had a C-section, she had to wait for her doctor to clear her before hitting the gym again. But now, she’s well on her way. The dancer posted a progression video on Instagram so fans can see her hard work take shape after three months.

Witney Carson documents her postpartum body on Instagram for fans to see

The video is set to Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” and cycles through photos of Witney from one week postpartum all the way to the present, three months postpartum. It’s clear that the dancer is hard at work trying to get her pre-baby body back. Fans agree she looks amazing!

“My post-partum progression over 3 months ✨ being vulnerable on social media is hard, but I’m doing it! I’m so dang proud of this body and myself for getting this far,” Witney captioned the video. “This post is about recognizing how far I’ve come and challenging people to do the same with their own insecurities! Say your positive affirmations aloud and then tell me them below… GO!👇🏼💪🏼💥”

Many new moms struggle with their body image. It’s only natural. However, it really seems like Witney Carson is doing her best to move past it. She recently went on vacation with her husband Carson McAllister and their son, Leo. Fans got to see her laughing and smiling with her little family.

Witney Carson/Instagram

Mothers deserve a little fun in the sun too

Witney’s best friend and DWTS castmate Lindsay Arnold also spent some time in the sun recently. And much like Witney, Lindsay has been dealing with some post-baby body image issues too. A few fans even went as far as to accuse Lindsay of photoshopping her photos, which she adamantly denied.

Fans pointed out that Lindsay’s C-section scar wasn’t visible in any of her vacation photos. The allegations prompted Lindsay to pull down her swimsuit a little more and reveal that the scar was very low on her body and was easily concealed by the swimsuit. No photoshop necessary!

Witney had a C-section too, but it seems like fans are leaving her alone about the scar so far.

Both Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold hope to return to DWTS Season 30 this fall. Are you excited to see them back? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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