Frustrated Fans Are Over Danielle Busby & Here’s Why

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Frustrated OutDaughtered fans are over Danielle Busby after her latest Instagram post. Some are referring to her as “ridiculous.” Meanwhile, others have been left scratching their heads in confusion at her most recent post. What has some OutDaughtered fans so up in arms? Why are they rushing to cancel Danielle Busby? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

The OutDaughtered mother goes topless, gets candid

Danielle Busby posted a topless snap on Instagram yesterday. She got extremely candid in the caption. Turns out, this was an attempt to get her followers to embrace their beautiful bodies. She noted it shouldn’t matter what people looked like or how their bodies changed over the years. Danielle Busby struggled with the imperfections that carrying so many babies at one time left her with. But, she has accepted her body will never be perfect. And, she’s alright with that.

One of the photos attached to this post featured Danielle Busby tucking at the extra skin on her stomach. She referred to it as “postpartum markers.” While there were some love and support for her in the comments… Many were not happy with the post. Some referred to as ridiculous.

Was Danielle Busby being ridiculous and attention-seeking? This is what some of her followers seemed to think.

Some frustrated fans believe Danielle Busby is being ‘ridiculous’

Many of her followers were quick to point out that she had a body most people who had had children only dream of having. Some note they didn’t understand how she could see any imperfections with those rocking abs. Finally, there were many who just thought the post was ridiculous.

“Is she serious?” One follower questioned in a comment liked nearly three dozen times.

“This is ridiculous,” Another added in a comment liked two dozen comments.

Danielle Busby Goes Topless & Uncle Dale Blows Chunks In Response

Unsurprisingly, some responded to the critical comments asking how it was ridiculous. Another person chimed in noting she didn’t have any fat to pull on. In fact, she was just pulling on extra skin. Coming to her defense, one follower noted Danielle Busby did refer to it as loose skin, not fat. A separate individual shut the criticism down noting people shouldn’t disregard the insecurities of someone else.

Overall, things were getting pretty heated in the comments between those that thought Danielle was being dramatic and those that supported her.

Do you agree with those who are “over” Danielle Busby comparing her ripped physique to those struggling with more noticeable problems? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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