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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow’s Stressed, Sasha Chats With Brando

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Several Port Charles relationships are in flux at the moment and General Hospital spoilers tease there are tough decisions ahead. Sasha was heartbroken after Michael revealed he loves Willow, but Brando might take away that pain. Willow went to tell Chase her decision regarding Michael, but now he’s critically ill and she’s in a tough spot.

Things Are Heating Up Between Sasha And Brando

The General Hospital preview for the April 15 show details that Sasha and Brandon will spend time together. There’s been chemistry between these two since they first met, but nothing romantic has happened yet. They banter a lot, and it seems more of that may come on Thursday.

Something will seemingly agitate Sasha while she’s with Brando. She’ll push him to drop the pretense and admit something. According to SheKnows Soaps, this upcoming interaction will bring them closer.

The buzz is that something hot and heavy is on the horizon for Sasha and Brando. She’s still got a lot to work through in terms of her split with Michael, but General Hospital fans have a hunch that Brando could take her mind off of her heartache if she’d let him.

Willow’s In A Tough Spot

Things are more complicated for Willow and Michael right now. Just as they thought they’d figured out what they want, she found Chase quite ill at his apartment. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll feel hopeless during Thursday’s show.

Willow rushed Chase to General Hospital after she realized he had a very high fever. Portia and Finn quickly worked to figure out what was wrong, but so far, they remain in the dark. Peter poisoned Chase and Anna knows it. Unfortunately, for now, Peter’s forced her to stay mum regarding what she knows.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Willow will tell Chase she needs to tell him something. She may hope she can fill him in on the situation with Michael, or at least some variation of it. However, apparently, she’ll either hold back or something will happen with Chase’s condition that cuts her off.

‘General Hospital’ Teasers Hint At More Of Evil Peter

If Willow feels she needs to wait until Chase is better before breaking his heart, she might be in for a bit of a wait. Peter claims that he has the only antidote that he has can save Chase, and he’s in no hurry to offer it up. He’s playing quite the cat-and-mouse game with Anna and for now, Chase is on the losing end of the game.

Anna and Valentin will regroup and they’ll surely try to find a way around Peter’s demands. Next week, Anna will confess something to Maxie, while Chase will still hope for a future with Willow.

General Hospital spoilers signal that Finn’s desperate quest to save Chase may be unsuccessful for the foreseeable future. Could Chase end up needing something from his biological father in order to recover? If that’s the case, it could reveal that someone had tampered with the initial DNA test. That development certainly seems possible, and additional scoop should emerge soon.

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