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‘When Calls The Heart’ Fans Wonder Why Lucas, Baby Jack Rarely Meet

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Hearties, have you noticed the Lucas and Baby Jack rarely meet on When Calls The Heart? Do you want to know why? There is a very logical reason.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to do with the love triangle.

Why Do Lucas, Jack Rarely Meet On When Calls The Heart?

Observant Hearties have noticed that Nathan has spent a lot of time with Baby Jack on When Calls The Heart. On the other hand, Lucas has not. Is this a hint that Elizabeth will not be choosing Lucas? Turns out, the reason that the two have not acted in many scenes together is quite logical.

John Tinker, the show’s new showrunner, went on Facebook Live with Ronda Rich. There, he addressed these serious questions about Lucas not in many scenes with Baby Jack. These are questions that the actors Erin Krakow and Chris McNally brought up. That is pretty serious.

However, Tinker’s explanation makes sense in the current atmosphere.

“The COVID restrictions really limited our use of the Taylor twins… But there was some things like that that escaped my attention… Chris McNally and Erin Krakow brought it to my attention, for instance… They helped me realize, Lucas has never been in Erin’s rowhouse. Perhaps appropriately. He’s simply a suitor and he’s not seeing in. But yes, in short, it did limit us.”

Essentially, Covid-19 and appropriateness are the reasons why Lucas and Elizabeth have not shared time with Baby Jack. Turns out, Covid-19 affected other stars as well.

Pods Key While Covid Filming

Back in 2020, right after Hallmark had shut down production, due to the coronavirus quarantine, When Calls The Heart was one of the first series to start filming again. To comply with Canada’s strict rules, everyone had to quarantine for about two weeks, wear face masks and practice social distancing. They also filmed outside and had fewer scenes with the school children.

The key to Covid safety was to work in pods. This kept people separated, therefore reducing the odds of any sort of virus reoccurrence on the set. In the long run, this worked out great. They were able to film 12 new episodes of Season 8. Unfortunately, not everyone worked together.

Paul Greene Also Didn’t Work With Many People In When Calls The Heart Season 8

What about everyone’s favorite,  Dr. Carson Shepherd? This season, his scenes have been with a lot of the same people. The actor who plays the good doctor, Paul Greene, recently shared that Covid-19 was responsible for not working with certain co-stars on When Calls The Heart Season 8.

Greene was recently on the Deck The Hallmark podcast talking about health, his new podcast, The Grass Is Greener, and Hope Valley. Grumpy Dan asked him how often they had big scenes where everyone is in a scene. The Bitten star revealed that usually, the Christmas episodes have that sort of scene.

However, there was no 2020 Christmas movie. In addition, due to Covid, Paul admitted that there were people he did not act with, and specifically cited Jack Wagner’s character, Bill Avery.

Moreover, it sounds likely that this is the very case throughout Season 8.


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