‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Consults Multiple Doctors

Sister Wives Kody Brown doctors

Sister Wives fans watch in Season 15 as the Brown family struggles to navigate the new normal of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, each of Kody Brown’s wives makes decisions based on what they think is best for their part of the family. Well, except for fan-speculated “favorite wife” Robyn, who says she’s at Kody’s will. Ultimately, she justifies this as a way to ensure that her little kids get to see their dad. Thanks to Twitter, fans get an inside look into some of the thought processes behind why Kody made his decisions. Keep reading to find out why Kody consults his doctors. 

Some more insight into Sister Wives Kody Brown’s Coronapololypse

Since the beginning of Sister Wives Season 15, fans get to interact with Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown as they tweet along with the new episode that is airing. This allows the Browns to interact with their fans and fill in some of the blanks from filming. It’s apparent that Kody takes the coronavirus pandemic seriously. He even gives it it’s own moniker of “Coronapocolypse.” However, he makes sure to get his information from a reliable source. 

During an earlier Season 15 episode of Sister Wives Kody tweets about getting a second opinion about how to handle pandemic safety precautions. According to his tweet, he seeks the opinion of two doctors because he “got vastly conflicting Covid information on the internet.” However, the Sister Wives patriarch isn’t discouraged or frustrated by this. “So I’m glad it is conflicting because I want all information to make my own decision,” shares Kody. 

Doctor opinions seem to tip the scale in the patriarch’s COVID decision-making process

Ultimately, he shares how he tips the scale in his decision-making processes. “In the end I went with doctor’s advice & my previous doctor back with 2nd opinion,” concludes Kody. However, it doesn’t stop there. During the tweet along for the next episode, Kody shares that “Some of my children were very critical of his decisions.” Ultimately, Kody exclaims, “No regrets! I see that it was really [a] test of confidence in each other AND a test of confidence in public information as well.” 

Once again, Kody goes on to give his whole thoughts on the topic. While he may not have regrets, that doesn’t mean that there are no regrets involved. “I regret the action and choices of others,” writes Kody. He continues with, “I don’t control them. I manage myself according to my conscience.” Furthermore, he goes on to emphasize again that he did what was physician recommended. “Everyone seemed to have a disagreement in opinion. SO I did as my physician recommended. I invited the whole family to do the same.” Consequently, this isn’t the last time Kody Brown references his doctors on Twitter. 

The Brown family faces more drama

According to more recent tweets, COVID-19 really takes a toll on the Brown family. “It seems petty, but we are unraveling over Covid-19,” tweets the father of 18. “It becomes obvious that we don’t share the same values over Covid etiquette and how to stay healthy.” Consequently, since they all had differing opinions, Kody states that he had to “defer to our doctor.”


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Finally, Kody tweets what his doctors say about COVID etiquette. “Our doctor and our old doctor both said that we should avoid contact as a whole family,” begins the tweet. “Our safest, best course of action would be for only myself to [go] between homes.” 

Do you agree with Kody’s COVID-19 plan? From what you’ve seen on Season 15, has it worked out? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news. 

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