Are Jenelle & David Eason In A Good Place With ‘Storms’ Behind Them?

Jenelle & David Eason kids

Jenelle & David Eason replaced snarky comments on social media with some nice family photos. Actually, if you didn’t know them from MTV’s Teen Mom 2, you might think nothing untoward about them. After all, they present as a happy family enjoying their fun activities. This week, Jenelle shared a photo of a family outing and fans wondered if their stormy times are a thing of the past.

Jenelle & David Eason enjoy fun times with the kids

Sometimes, Teen Mom 2 fans wonder how much of Jenelle’s scenes were scripted by MTV. After all, they painted her as very much a villain during her seasons on the show. Of course, that could relate to the way she so often fought with her mom Barb. Additionally, it might also relate to the fact that she and David apparently went through so many stormy times as well. Well, it turns out, that Jenelle claimed all the scenes that fans saw were real, at least between her and her mom. That seems unfortunate, but she’s a mom of more than one child now, so she knows she was out of line sometimes.

Jenelle & David Eason took the kids to a trampoline park recently and she shared about it on Instagram on Monday, April 12. Presumably, the kids played around rather than her. After all, we reported on March 3 that she underwent an invasive test to find out what’s wrong with her neck. At first, she couldn’t even walk, but clearly, she mended since then. In fact, she looked quite comfortable standing next to Jace, Kaiser, Ensley, and David.

Some MTV fans think Jenelle lies and fakes a lot

Loads of criticism went the way of Jenelle & David Eason over the years. In fact, some people suspect she manufactures a lot. Actually, The Hollywood Gossip described her as a “pathological liar.” Well, if she lied a lot, perhaps the mega-dramas between the MTV alums never actually happened. Or, maybe they weren’t a dramatic as she made out. After all, she claimed all sorts of aggressive things about David. And yet, they seem in a good place. Admittedly, people change, and it takes time to make a successful marriage. Perhaps they just found a way to live with each other and find real love.

On the post that showed Jenelle & David Eason and the kids, Jenelle wrote, “Trampoline parks are the best. 💯😉.” Of course, some trolls hit the comments, which many of them seem to live for. Nevertheless, not everyone hates the couple. A lot of them talked about the happy-looking kids and their likeness to their different dads. More than one person commented on how she and David seem to be in a good place these days.

One Teen Mom 2 fan wrote: “I believe that now you…build a good [relationship that] you are happy after so many storms – I keep my fingers crossed for you ❤️.” Actually, that seems like a nice thought. After all, the kids might enjoy way less drama in the home these days.

Jenelle & David Eason Storms Behind Them
Credit: Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Whats are your thoughts on Jenelle & David Eason? Do you think they finally moved on and put all their storms behind them? Or do you think they still fight a lot when the camera’s switched off? Sound off in the comments below.

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