‘Shameless’ Finale: John Wells Explains Why Frank Died Alone

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The fact that Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) died alone in the Shameless Season Finale left a bad taste in the mouths of some fans. Did he really deserve to die alone while his children partied in the streets? Moreover, many fans felt weird about the series ending without seeing the Gallagher children reacting to his death. At the very least, most believed Liam’s reaction would have been emotional. Turns out, Frank Gallagher dying alone in the hospital was very much intentional. There was a purpose behind it.

Wondering why Frank Gallagher died alone? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Shameless Showrunner John Wells explains why Frank died alone in the finale

Showrunner John Wells sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to do an extensive interview about the Shameless Series Finale. One of the many questioned he was asked was about why Frank died alone at the end of the series. After the long ride this character had, did he really deserve to be all alone on his death bed?

Turns out, this was another instance of John Wells and the entire team bringing real world issues to life. This was a very intentional decision on John Wells’ part. And, it was one he stood by.

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John Wells reveals he lost a very close family member to COVID-19. It was his own personal experience that catapulted the inspiration for Frank Gallagher’s death.

I lost a close family member who had been ill in December of covid, despite following the covid protocols. That’s an experience many people have had with relatives who have died of covid. You really don’t get to connect. You find out later about them. It seemed appropriate for Frank. I really didn’t want to play the more sentimental version of them having to react to his death. I like keeping it with the audience’s imagination of who would react and how when they finally discover that he’s gone.”

According to John Wells, a COVID-19 death is extremely lonely. And, it just suited this character perfectly. Moreover, he just didn’t want the series to go out on a very sentimental and emotional note when it came to his children.

The showrunner enjoys the open-ended finale

The is no denying Shameless has a very passionate fan base. Regardless of what John Wells did, he was never going to make everyone happy. He, however, liked the idea of fans painting futures for the characters on their own. So, he went that direction instead of forcing endings on these characters fans might not be happy with.

Were you sad that Frank Gallagher died alone in the Shameless finale? Do you understand and/or agree with why John Wells made this decision? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, stick with us for the latest Shameless related news.

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