Is ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Leaving The Door Open For Spin-Offs?

Shameless Season 11 Still Showtime

It’s been a hell of a ride but Shameless is finally coming to an end tonight and some fans wonder if the network is leaving the door open for potential spin-offs. Is this really curtains for the Gallagher family? Or, is there an opening somewhere for us to further explore more character-specific storylines?

Here’s what those of us who have already wrapped up watching the Shameless Season 11 and Series Finale know.

Warning: The article contains spoilers from the Shameless Series Finale

Does the series leave the door open for a Shameless spin-off?

As we reported a few weeks ago, there was a theory the series would experience a time jump. Time jumps are a pretty effective way to end a series that tells the story of a family with kids. A time jump gives fans that real closure they want on the future of the family. Unfortunately, a time jump does not happen during the Season 11 and Series Finale of Shameless. This, however, means the door is pretty much open for a Shameless spin-off. Moreover, there are a lot of different questions left unanswered at the end of the final episode that a spin-off could address.

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Kevin and Veronica

The first direction a spin-off could take is following Kev and V as they move to another state. This move takes them away from the Gallaghers. So, it would be a spin-off that would make sense without having to explain why the Gallagher family is no longer part of the storyline. Their girls are growing up and fans could really enjoy seeing how Veronica and Kev adjust to living somewhere new.

Lip and Tami

Following Lip and Tami is a story arc that also makes sense. Lip finally lands a job during the Finale. While it isn’t the type of future he wanted, it had to make money somehow. And, food delivery is where a lot of people in the real world have turned following the pandemic. Shameless has always been about covering real-world topics and issues. So, Lip taking this job made sense even if it was beneath him.

Fans hope Tami and Lip find a way to get their own place. And, we assume they have about $15,000 to play with after he managed to find a buyer for the house willing to pay $75,000.

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There is also the issue of Tami possibly being pregnant again. This was not confirmed before the Finale ended. But, it would certainly make for a new storyline to follow. It would also open the door for a spin-off if they decided not to keep the baby and took Ian’s advice instead.

Mickey and Ian

A Gallavich Shameless spin-off featuring Mickey and Ian is probably the most desired option among fans. This is the fan-favorite couple. Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan both retired and came back to these roles just to continue to explore the relationship their characters shared with each other. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see them continue these characters in another show. Likewise, Ian made it very clear he wanted a baby. He even tosses the idea of Tami and Lip giving their second child to him and Mickey to raise. Alternatively, Ian believes it wouldn’t be too hard to find a baby or child somewhere in Mickey’s family that is being neglected.

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Unwanted Shameless spin-off: Debbie, Franny, and Heidi

A Debbie and Franny spin-off is probably wanted the least. While fans don’t have an issue with Emma Kenney… They really don’t like her character, Debbie. Unfortunately, it is largely because she reminds them of Monica. Moreover, fans hated the production team bringing a potential love interest into the series at the very end for Debbie. It felt rushed and unwanted. Fans didn’t care for the random cameo. So, this option is definitely the last choice for fans.

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Carl Gallagher

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) is an interesting character in the series because he was never supposed to be a core cast member. Ethan was not even a “real actor” when he was cast for the role. He, however, ended up having a natural talent for it. So, his character started becoming more and more involved in the show. This was a character that really grew on you. Fans couldn’t believe he went from being the troubled little boy he was to a police officer. Fans fell in love with Carl and could definitely get behind a Carl spin-off.

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Liam Gallagher

Now, a Liam Gallagher spin-off likely wouldn’t work without someone else being involved. Possibly Lip and Tami because the story suggested he would go live with them after they sold the house. Fans thought Liam frequently got shafted in the storyline. Some argued it was like the writers just forgot his character existed. So, a story dedicated to him and how he turns out could be nice fan service.

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Unlike Shameless spin-off: Fiona and Jimmy

While it is extremely unlikely, a Fiona and Jimmy Shameless spin-off is something fans would likely tune into. Her not making a “real” appearance in the Series Finale left a bad taste in fans’ mouths, but they want to see more of her. What happened to Emmy Rossum’s character when she left the show? Fans would love to see a storyline featuring her meeting up with Jimmy (Justin Chadwick). Unfortunately, this particular spin-off is extremely unlikely. Emmy Rossum and Justin Chadwick were both finished with their ties to the show.

Shameless Spin-Offs: Are they even a possibility?

Here’s the rub… It is highly unlikely we’ll see a Shameless spin-off of any form. This is because showrunner John Wells spilled his guts on his opinion of spin-offs during an interview after news broke the series was ending. Wells more or less crushed the idea of any spin-offs coming into light because he just doesn’t like them. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, John Wells opens up about spin-offs.

I’ve never been a big fan of spinoffs. The moment we all decide we’ve done what we wanted to do on the show, we’ll walk the camera off down the street and give the impression that if you walk onto the right block in Chicago, you’d find the Gallaghers.”

John Wells likes open-ended storylines. He likes the idea of fans continuing the story with theories on what they think the Gallaghers are currently doing. John Wells wanted the series to end with the idea that the family was still living happily ever after together. That if you traveled to Chicago… You might just find the Gallaghers. A spin-off would break up the family. And, that isn’t something John Wells wants to do.

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