Tiffany Espensen Wants A Cute Baby – Lawson Bates Tells Her ‘No’

Tiffany Espensen - Lawson Bates

Tiffany Espensen started courting Lawson Bates and fans grow to love her but now she wants a cute baby, Lawson told her she “cannot have” one. Well, she asked him so sweetly that she might twist him around her little finger. It came when the family went on a fun outing this weekend. The Bringing up Bates star took to his Instagram and shared some very sweet moments of Tiffany and some of the other Bates kids.

Tiffany Espensen and Lawson Bates enjoy a sweet moment together

Ever since news emerged that Lawson Bates finally found the girl of his dreams, fans like Tiffany more every day. These days, he sprinkles his Instagram with videos and photos of his love. Likewise, she also fills her posts with her love for him. Some UP TV fans wondered if he’d ever settle down. After all, if he’s not on one adventure, then he’s finding another. In fact, in March, the Bringing up Bates star shared some photos that might indicate he visited Sudan. Well, he could have gone almost anywhere in East Africa, but he definitely flew over the area.

Which Exotic Place Is Lawson Bates Currently Visiting?

Some of his pictures revealed he found some monkeys at his exotic destination. From his photos, it’s not clear if Tiffany Espensen went along on the trip. However, it certainly looks like she might have enjoyed it. After all, she clearly loves animals. Bringing up Bates fans clamor for more about their love story. Actually, the chances seem very high that UP TV brings more in future seasons. Already, fans speculate about how many kids they might plan for. However, a cute baby that Tiffany really wants probably won’t ever happen. Mind you, it was a sweet moment that they shared.

Lawson Bates says his girlfriend ‘cannot have’ a cute baby

On Saturday, Lawson shared some very cute video clips. The family, along with some of the kids visited what looks like a petting farm. Some of the little kids liked the goats and the bunny rabbits but Tiffany Espensen fell in love with a tiny pig. Actually, Lawson also seemed very taken with the little fellow. So, he asked if it has a name. However, the people there said it wasn’t named. Who knows? It might actually be a working farm and everyone knows animals don’t often enjoy long and peaceful lives.

In one scene, Tiffany Espensen held the little piglet and snuggled up close to Lawson. She asked him, “please can get one?” But no – Lawson ruled that out and told her “No, you cannot have a pig.” Well hopefully, he lets her have a few human babies in the years ahead. After all, fans adore the kids in Bringing up Bates.

Tiffany Espensen Wants A Cute Baby - Lawson Bates Tells Her She 'Cannot'
Credit: Lawson Bates | Instagram Stories

What are your thoughts about Tiffany Espensen who so badly wanted that cute baby pig? Are you surprised that Lawson Bates told her that she “cannot have a pig?” Sound off in the comments below.

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