Gleb Savchenko And Elena Samodanova Vacation Together Amid Divorce

Gleb Savchenko from Instagram

Exes don’t usually go on vacation together. But Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova are definitely not your typical divorced couple. It’s been an incredibly explosive few months, but it seems like the two are at peace — for now. Both dancers put aside their differences to go on a fun, family vacation with their two daughters, Olivia, 10 and Zlata, 3. Inside sources reportedly told PEOPLE Gleb and Elena decided to take the girls out for spring break.

Both Gleb and Elena are posting relaxing vacation photos on their respective Instagram pages. However, they are careful not to include one another in the photos. They may get along well enough to co-parent the girls on a trip, but it doesn’t seem like they want it to seem like they’re on vacation as a couple. This is perfectly understandable. After all, rumors about their love lives seem to fly right and left.

Gleb Savchenko/Instagram

Gleb Savchenko says he and Elena are trying to co-parent the girls, no matter what happens in the divorce battle

The last time we wrote about the nasty divorce, we discussed Gleb seeking spousal support from Elena. That probably caused some issues, but fans are happy to see they’re trying to put Olivia and Zlata first.

“We’re trying to move on, we’re friends, we’re co-parenting together, we’re on great terms,” Gleb told ET at the end of March at Cassie Scerbo’s 30th birthday bash. Both he and Elena share custody of the girls and try to make things as normal for them as possible.

“Co-parenting is fun. We made it a lot of fun for the kids,” Gleb continued. “I said to Olivia, ‘Whatever is happening, it’s life, but you get to live in two different places. You’re gonna have your own room, with like anime posters and LED lights, and we’re gonna make it so fun. Then you can go back to your mom, and you’ll have your own room which is a little different. But it’s fun.'”

Fans watched Gleb and Elena bash each other in the news for the past several months, so this is very positive news to see.

Moving on and moving forward

And while the divorce continues, Gleb and Elena are seemingly free to see other people. Fans already know Gleb and Cassie Scerbo went on vacation together last fall, but their romance seems to have cooled off over the past few months. However, they still seem like they’re on great terms. He attended Cassie’s birthday party which doubled as a fundraiser for her Boo2Bullying campaign.

“We’re friends. I can tell you she’s a great, great girl, and we’re friends,” Gleb told ET when asked about his relationship status with Cassie.

In turn, Cassie told ET she would be willing to do Dancing With The Stars if asked. We already know DWTS loves drama and storylines, so this could be a huge opportunity for the show.

Are you happy that Gleb and Elena found a way to make their children happy? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Keep checking back with us for more DWTS news and updates.


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