Emma Johnston Yearns For Better Days, Shares Throwback Video

Emma Johnston's Instagram photos

Emma Johnston’s Instagram brings a few throwback photos and video clips this year. Quite active these days, she seems to yearn for better days in the past. Well, in 2021, a lot of people relate to that. However, last year she started school as a freshman, so she seems at a vulnerable age for an overload of depressing thoughts. Hopefully, when she shares her thoughts, it helps her feel a bit better afterward.

Emma Johnston’s Instagram reveals a need for some reassurance

When Emma took to Instagram at the end of March this year, she seemed to hint at a bit of sibling rivalry. However, maybe her desire to be the “cutest” kid in the 7 Little Johnstons family was really just put out there for a bit of reassurance. Plenty of TLC fans seemed awestruck this season when they saw Emma and Alex go for their educational driver’s permits. In fact, thousands of comments went her way about how grown up she is. However, like many teens her age, she seems a bit uncertain and unsure about life.

Emma Johnston’s Instagram reveals that she faces similar problems that other teens her age deal with. However, apart from her achondroplasia dwarfism, she also copes with an autoimmune disease. So quite often, she needs injections. Of course, that puts her at risk for the coronavirus. That means she really needs to take special care with social distancing, using masks, and staying disinfected. So, it’s no wonder that the young TLC seems to yearn deeply for better days.

Yearning for better days – cute throwback video

Releasing some footage from China, Emma Johnston’s Instagram brought a bit of a treat for 7 Little Johnstons fans. In her caption, she told fans about meeting her parents there all those years ago. In another section of the clip, it showed her singing in Chinese. Tiny, she clapped her hands and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in her home language. However, her caption also revealed her frustrations and yearning for better days. She said, “Ohh I wish the world could be calm [like] when I [had] a cute baby voice.”

Emma Johnston’s Instagram post then went on and revealed how she hates so much about life right now. She added, “Oh… I miss those days!! So peaceful, no quarantine, no COVID, not a lot of hateful [behavior], & not having to deal with [a] face mask!!.” Next, she reached out to her fans by asking, “Anyone miss those days?” Well, most people zeroed in on how  “cute” Emma looked when she was a little girl. Nevertheless, a few fans commiserated with her and agreed that they also miss happier days.

Emma Johnston's Instagram Reveals A Deep Yeaning For Better Days
Credit: Emma Johnston | Instagram

What are your thoughts on Emma Johnston’s Instagram posts in the last few months? Do you think she seems a bit down and looks for some reassurance? Can you relate in 2021? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.


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