Does ‘Sister Wives’ Truely Brown Aspire To Be A Waterbender?

Sister Wives Truely Brown Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans have seen Truely Brown grow up on the show. During the first season, Truely’s birth is featured. Truely is Kody and Christine Brown’s sixth child. Hard to believe she turns 11-years-old next month. In the comments of a recent photo Christine shares, a fan says it best. “I can’t believe how fast time passes. I still remember the episode where she was born, and how much joy she brought you framily during difficult times,” writes the fan. Keep reading to find out more about Truely Brown. 

Sister Wives Christine Brown shares an adorable photo of Truely enjoying a local splash pad

Truely’s mom, Christine recently takes to Instagram to share a photo of her youngest daughter enjoying a splash pad. “Truely would be a water bender if she could! She comes alive in the water,” writes Christine. According to an Avator Fandom website, “Waterbending, one of the four elemental bending arts, is the hydrokinetic ability to control water in all of its various forms.”

From the series of photos that Christine shares, it is obvious that Truely is enjoying her time in the water. She almost looks like a water fairy. That’s not all she looks like though. In the comment section, Janelle Brown mentions her resemblance to other family members. “She looks so much like her sisters Gwen and Ysabel,” writes Kody’s second wife. 


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Fans can’t stay on topic

As always, it seems like Sister Wives followers find it hard to stay on topic. It begins when one follower comments, “Christine never responds. I see Jenelle [sic] responded but didn’t see a single wife respond to Merri’s[sic] tribute to her mother. Strange family.” From there, things just seem to spiral out of control. 

The topics of conversations in the comment section of this post range from how weirdly things were handled with Grandma Bonnie’s passing to how viewers get the perception that Kody is done with plural marriage. Like always, people take it upon themselves to share their thoughts and opinions with the reality television star. “Sorry Christine but Kody made it clear he is done with plural marriage. You are a great mother show your girls you have self esteem and move on.” 

Sister Wives Christine Brown recently shares with US Weekly that its difficult to watch the show because it makes her relive things. This may be the reason why she’s not as active on Twitter as the others. The mother of six can’t even post an adorable series of photos of her youngest child without people coming after her in the comment section. 

Are you happy to see Truely enjoying herself at the splash pad? Do you think people will ever stay on topic on Sister Wives social media? Let us know your thoughts below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news. Tune in to Season 15 Sundays on TLC at 10 PM EST.

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