Todd & Savannah Chrisley ‘Bless’ Everyone With This Product

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While Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best may be over, that doesn’t mean that fans can’t keep up with what their favorite reality television family is up to. After taking a little bit of a hiatus, it seems like Savannah Chrisley is slowly but surely making her return to social media. Unfortunately, the hiatus is likely due to her stalker situation. However, Todd and Julie Chrisley assure fans that this scary situation is coming to a resolution since there are warrants out for the stalker. Keep reading to find out how Savannah is supporting her dad, Todd Chrisley on one of her recent Instagram posts.

Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley endorses this non-alcoholic beverage

For quite some time, Todd Chrisley’s Instagram bio has included the following. “Sober Curious? Try @drinkbecketss.”  Assumably, this is because Todd doesn’t drink. Nearly simultaneously Savannah and Todd give an endorsement for the non-alcoholic spirits and tonic brand, Todd also shares an aesthetically pleasing photo of the brand.

Notably, his caption on the photo gives a lot of insight into why he would be endorsing this brand. Todd Chrisley begins with some background information about himself. “There’s nothing more important to me than family, faith and leading by a virtuous example,” writes the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch. Next, he gives his reason for getting involved with Beckett’s. “That’s why I got involved with the creation of the Beckett’s™ brand, offering delicious and aesthetically gorgeous non-alcoholic spirits and tonics made with all natural ingredients!”


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Additionally, Todd lists some of the highlights of the non-alcoholic beverage. The drinks are vegan, gluten-fee, and low-calorie. Excitingly, these Beckett’s is available in the United States and Canada. Anyone wanting to try these can order them from Amazon or

Savannah teams up with her father to endorse Beckett’s

Savannah Chrisley joins her father in singing Beckett’s praises in one of her recent Instagram posts. “Feeling like SUMMER her in Nashville,” writes the entrepreneur. However, the rest of her caption doesn’t offer anything different from her father’s caption.

Surprisingly for both Todd and Savannah’s pages, their Instagram photos about Beckett’s receive many positive comments. One hilarious one really stands out. “Nanny Faye did NOT approve this NON alcoholic selection 😂😂😂😂,” writes the fan.

Further proving that their faith is at the heart of everything Todd and Savannah do, they conclude their posts with the same statement. “God bless you all for the love and support you’ve shown to help Beckett’s™ become a reality and a positive lifestyle change for so many!”

Are you excited to get your hands on some Beckett’s beverages? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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