Savannah Chrisley Wishes Her Best Friend A Happy Birthday

Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley Todd Birthday

Savannah Chrisley blesses Chrisley Knows Best fans with a series of photos in celebration of her dad, Todd’s birthday. Not only that, but she shares a very touching tribute to her father. There isn’t any doubt that Savannah is a daddy’s girl. Keep reading to find out more about what Savannah has to say on her dad’s birthday.

Chrisley Knows Best Savannah Chrisley wishes her best friend a happy birthday.

Savannah Chrisley takes to Instagram with a very lengthy post in honor of Todd Chrisley’s birthday. Not only that, but there are six photos and two videos included in the post. It begins with a major flashback photo and includes a photo of Savannah with very long hair. Keep reading to find out what she has to say about her father’s 52nd birthday.

Savannah begins her post by wishing her father a happy birthday. Additionally, she makes a hilarious confession. “In all honesty… not quite sure how old you are today because you’ve been turning 30 since I was a child,” writes the entrepreneur. She goes on to write something that Todd probably loves. “Today is ALL about celebrating you!” ‘

The shout out includes a list of things she adores about her father

Much like her big brother, Kyle Chrisley’s post, Savannah goes on to list things she loves and admires about her father. “When you look at the life you’ve lived… I want you to look at it with nothing but a smile,” writes Todd’s middle daughter. “Not only have you been the most amazing husband to mom but you’ve been an even more amazing father and best friend to me,” shares Savannah.

This next part opens the door to a lot of questions. However, loyal fans of Chrisley Knows Best can probably assume specific instances she’s talking about. She writes, “you’ve saved me time and time again. You’re the father that every daughter needs.” Furthermore, she goes on to write why. “Guiding me with love and faith. It’s always been me and you. Can’t wait to celebrate you today and every day!” concludes Savannah.


Fans are happy to wish Todd happy birthday in the comment section. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity’s comment section with positivity and no trolls. How sweet is Savannah’s birthday tribute to her dad? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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