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Tori Spelling Enrages Fans With April Fool’s Joke On Instagram

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Tori Spelling is at it again! April first is April Fool’s Day. It’s also the time of year people start posting on Facebook how pretending to be pregnant is not a funny joke. Those who have lost babies or struggle to get pregnant consider it a slap in the face. Still, without fail every year someone will do it. Then they receive an onslaught of hate. That’s even more so though when it’s a celebrity pulling the prank.

The day of, Tori posted a mostly naked picture of herself cradling what could have been a baby bump. She captioned it, “number six.” Fans were immediately suspicious because they knew what day it was. One said, “if this is an April fools shame on you. Pregnancy is not a practical joke!”

Tori Spelling Continued To Get Ridiculed

The comments on Tori Spelling’s post kept going. Another fan said, “if it’s an April fools joke it is utterly distasteful for all those women who suffer miscarriages.” One mom said, “I super hope this is true, in that case, congratulations! If this is an April fools joke, EXTREMELY poor taste.”

Tori didn’t address anything right away. She only had a couple of people genuinely congratulate her. This, of course, made fans even more skeptical she actually meant it. Others said it was insensitive to women struggling because she herself has five children.

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When She Did Address It She Apologized, Kind Of

Tori Spelling posted a follow-up addressing her joke. This time she had a lot of fans supporting her that hadn’t commented on the joke post. Tori said she didn’t bounce back after the fifth baby and constantly gets asked if she’s pregnant. On top of that, she said the media always makes things up about her and her family.

She said it’s hard to know what it is like to be shamed so publicly if you aren’t dealing with it. She said she would never poke fun at not being able to carry a baby, mentioning she herself had miscarried. Tori claimed the post was meant to turn the tables on the press. One fan said, “this made me sad that you even had to explain it. Love to you and your family.”

There were still some who didn’t accept her response. One said, “Glad you set the record straight but I don’t see a much-needed apology here.” Several fans went back and forth with some saying the others were too sensitive. The majority of people though, think it was in poor taste. What do you think about her prank? Does she seem out of touch with why people were upset about it? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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