June Shannon’s Grandchild Ella Grace Looks Sweet As A Peach

June Shannon's Grandchild Ella Grace

June Shannon’s grandchild, Ella Grace started Pre-K two weeks ago. Pumpkin Efird’s daughter really steals the limelight on social media these days as she looks as sweet as a peach and fans agree. The adorable kid, just over three years old, seems very bright and full of life. Plus, fans hope that they see her follow in the footsteps of her aunt Alana one day. Already introduced to pageants, maybe one day she even scores her own WEtv spinoff.

June Shannon’s grandchild, Ella Grace becomes cuter with every passing day

Mama June: From Not to Hot fans agree that Ella seems just about the cutest little thing nowadays. Actually, the last two seasons of the show revealed a lot of ugliness. June disappeared down the rabbit hole with drugs. While many tears followed, the current season titled Road to Redemption also brings some bitter scenes. Unfortunately, a lot of that revolves around Pumpkin and her husband Josh. Plus, Ella gets a bit more airtime now she’s growing up. Fans see her sassing back her mom and causing a bit of kiddie-havoc in the kitchen.

However, fans just love the cutie-pie. Nowadays, a stream of photos come along from Pumpkin. June Shannon’s grandchild, Ella also featured in a video recently. In that post, sweet Ella really enjoyed her mom’s workout session with Aunty Jessica and Honey Boo Boo. She ran around and did all the exercises. Plus, taking charge, she counted down as the adults pushed their way through various cardio things.

Honey Boo Boo Praised For Weight Loss Efforts

If you weren’t sure, Honey Boo Boo still lives with Pumpkin and Josh. So, she also shares a lot of cute photos of her niece. Well, if Ella carries on showing an interest in workouts, maybe she won’t end up struggling with her weight like the rest of the family.

Sweet as a peach Ella, fans agree

On April 1, Mama June on WEtv shared a throwback photo of June Shannon’s grandchild, Ella Grace. The caption said that the photo came from her first day of pre-K. In the photo, Ella wore a nce pink jacket and her cute little backpack. Smiling, she made a “peeping at you” face that fans thought looked adorable. Many WEtv fans commented and called her “cute.” The words “precious” and “cutie-pie also popped up. One follower commented, “awww sweet as a peach!”

Another fan wrote, “Oh my goodness that face is too cute!” Looking at that naughty face, one fan of June Shannon’s grandchild Ella noted, “She is such a little ham!!! 😍😍😍.”

June Shannon's Grandchild Ella Grace Looks Sweet As A Peach
Credit: Mama June WEtv | Instagram

Probably well-used to the camera already, the cute little girl possibly learned how to ham it up ages ago. What do you think of cute Ella Grace? Do you agree that she’s “sweet as a peach?” Sound off in the comments below.

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