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Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Change Is Ahead For Ava And Nik

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General Hospital viewers have not seen much of Nikolas and Ava lately. Luckily, spoilers reveal that changes on Monday. They’ll navigate some difficulties during the April 5 show.

Ava’s Not Feeling It

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nikolas and Ava will be put “on notice.” Will this be something intense or relatively minor? General Hospital spoilers detail that Ava and Nikolas will be at her gallery together. She will mention that her heart isn’t exactly “in this” anymore.

What is it that Ava’s not feeling great about these days? Luckily, it doesn’t seem that it’s her marriage to Nikolas she’s referencing. It could be that she isn’t feeling the passion for the gallery she previously did. Perhaps that’s in part due to Franco’s death, but it looks as if she may hope for insight from Nik.

Martin May Be Involved, General Hospital Teasers Hint

Martin will pop up at the gallery by the looks of things. The General Hospital sneak peek shows him talking to someone. During the conversation, he’ll note he doesn’t seem welcome there. It appears that he’s perhaps at the gallery and talking to Nikolas and Ava. Why would Martin be there? Could he be delivering bad news to Ava as an attorney?

Nikolas And Cyrus Will Seemingly Bargain

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nikolas will butt heads with Cyrus soon. In general, Nikolas and Cyrus don’t often interact with one another. It seems that may start to change.

In addition, Ava will receive another unsettling package. Ava and Nikolas received a couple of mysterious gifts and notes on Valentine’s Day, and the natural suspect would be Ryan as the sender. However, he is supposedly still incapacitated. General Hospital spoilers signal that the creepy gifts may begin again.

Later during the coming week, Nikolas puts everything on the table for Cyrus. Are the gifts to Ava tied to Cyrus? What does Cyrus want from Nikolas, and why would Nik cooperate?

Fans have missed Nikolas and Ava over the past few weeks. General Hospital spoilers signal that juicy developments may soon come for the couple.

In addition, Laura and Cyrus butt heads again on Monday. Apparently, Laura will make it clear she wants no part of whatever Cyrus is cooking up now. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will lean on Kevin for support after the conflict with her half-brother.

Viewers get to see Brando and Sasha together, and this takes a wild turn in the days ahead. General Hospital spoilers tease he’ll be confessing something to her, and fans love this dynamic. Fans will also receive more with the supposedly pregnant Brook Lynn as well as scenes with Chase and Willow reconnecting.

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