Amy & Michael Halterman CRUCIFIED For Latest Decision — See Photos


Amy and Michael Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters made a pretty big decision recently. While they clearly felt pretty good about the decision… It was not well-received on Instagram. In fact, both Amy and her husband Michael are now being crucified. One follower even asked how “slow they were” to make such a poor decision. What did Amy and Michael Halterman do that has Instagram so fired up? Keep reading. We’ll explain.

Amy and Michael Halterman reveal a huge decision on Instagram

Amy Halterman took to Instagram recently to share a huge decision they made together. She shared a selfie of herself and her husband. Clearly proud of their choice. Turns out, the 1000-Lb. Sisters couple decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine. As those who have been following the news know, this is a very controversial decision. Many hesitate to rush out and get a vaccine that was brought to the market so quickly. Could it really be safe? Is it possible for it to have been tested and determined to be safe in such a short window of time? Truthfully, people aren’t really sure.

After Tammy Slaton contracted the virus and became so sick she was rushed to the hospital… It makes sense why her sister Amy would want the vaccine. Moreover, they have a son together. Presently, there isn’t a vaccine for children. So, children rely on heard immunity from their parents and other adults in their lives from the vaccine.

Amy Michael Halterman Instagram

Amy and her husband Michael both look fairly happy in the photos above as they flaunt buttons they got for the decision to vaccinate. Fans can only wonder if her sister Tammy also got vaccinated so she decreases her risk of getting the virus a second time.

Instagram has mixed feelings, most don’t support this decision

One follower noted the “king and queen” made the right decision to get the vaccine. This comment received some love. But, most of the other comments did not share this line of thinking. In fact, many crucified Amy and Michael Halterman for their decision.

“Let’s hope you don’t get any of the horrible reactions to it 😢.” One concerned follower penned in a comment liked a few dozen times.

Another unsupportive follower added in a comment liked just shy of 50 times: “Yeah congrats for getting the Mark of the beast 🙄”

Several other followers were just as turned off by this decision:

  • “Yikes 😬”
  • “Oh no…”
  • “Wow how slow are you guys .did u do even the slightest bit of research I see not.”

Wait, Did Jerry Sykes Give Tammy Slaton COVID-19?

While they were far and few between, some followers admit they also got the vaccine. Some were interested in knowing which vaccine she got. But, this information was not disclosed.

How do you feel about Amy and Michael Alterman getting the COVID vaccine? Do you have issues with this decision? Or, are you on the supportive side of the argument? Let us know what you think!

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  1. good for Amy and Michael…they are parents now and have to think of the lives of others as well as themselves. If you don’t want to get the vaccine – don’t shove your opinion down the throats of others….just quietly get sick and take up space in our hospitals – and deprive others of needed surgeries and procedures. If you want attention anti-vaxers – you will get it from nurses and doctors once you’re sick.

  2. Good for you Amy & Michael for protecting yourselves and your child. If people don’t like tell the to kiss your place where the sun don’t reach. If not for getting the vaccine I probably would not be here as I got covid with many underlying conditions…as it was I had it just like I had a bad cold is all…don’t listen to fools who don’t have a clue what they are talking about…YOU DO YOU!

    1. Science for the win!!

      Excellent decision, guys. It is the best way to protect your family, which is especially important when anyone has issues like obesity, diabetes, Lupus, etc… You are making a rational decision that will protect everyone you love. Much love to everyone! 🤗💜

  3. Amy an Michael congratulations on getting the COVID vaccine PLEASE continue to getting the 2nd shot an the booster. I’m 72 with kidney an breast cancer. My Immunity system is totally shot. I would advise anyone to get immunized. You need to stay alive for your child an each other.

  4. It is nobody’s business what their decisions they make or what they do. It’s their life. I am glad they got the shots… COVID is no joke!

  5. I am thrilled that you both decided to get vaccinated. Being overweight and being a post Gastric Bypass patient isn’t the only health issue that patients have. Diabetes is another reason to have the surgery. I know because I had the surgery almost 17 years ago. I also have several other health issues not related to the decision to have the surgery but have been reduced because of having the surgery. Getting vaccinated is important because the chances of getting a severe case of Covid-19 are greatly reduced. I have lost too many friends to Covid because they weren’t vaccinated. 42 years ago I was a nurse but became 100%disabled from an on the job injury and that’s when most of my other health issues surfaced. If you get sick how many of you go to your doctor for medications? If you trust your doctor to allow them to prescribe those meds then why don’t you trust them when they tell you to get the vaccination and boosters??? And now that Amy is pregnant once again she is also protecting Gabe and their next baby. Getting vaccinated is a personal choice and that’s why I will continue wearing my masks because so many others don’t care about anyone other than themselves. Those not getting the shots can still carry Covid and not have any symptoms and our friends know that if they continue to be anti-vaxxers we won’t be visiting or meeting them in public. I value my life as well as my friends lives so their choices affect my decisions as well.

  6. No matter what they did, it would have been the wrong thing! Amy makes mistakes, but we all do. She didn’t have the best examples growing up. I truly think she is doing the best she can and she is is WORKING on trying to do better. Distancing herself from Amy was the best thing she has ever done.

  7. This couple made the right choice. Thousands have died of this horrid epidemic because they refused the shot. If people won’t get vaccinated snd get sick, they could have prevented it. Amy and Michael have the right to choose what they do. Good for them

  8. Very proud of you for getting the covid shot don’t listen to people listen to yourself.Now you’ll be safe.

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